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iTunes Freezes when Open when iPod connected.

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by MrMacMan, Nov 21, 2004.

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    So I plug in my iPod, open up iTunes.


    ... hmmm

    I right click iTunes, its frozen, though it didn't show that the application didn't respond right away, it took a whole 3 minutes for that menu to open, so I force quit it.

    When iTunes is tried to open when my iPod is not connected there is no problem, iTunes can open and play regularly.

    Once I plug the iPod in and iTunes is already open, it goes through the same thing, it freezes up.

    Anyone know what the problem is?

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    i had a similar problem, including the ipod not mounting. the problem was the PCI firewire card i had installed, even if that's not how i'd plugged in my ipod.
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    might be unrelated, but i had about 7 kernel panics in the space of 30 minutes whenever i would plug in my ipod. i solved the problem by repairing the ipod hard drive with disk utility. it had a lot of errors :eek:
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    If you have any other Firewire things pluged in, unplug them. Especially if it is an iSite. It conflicts still for some reason on some macs. It happens on my mac too.
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    Yeah I don't have any other Firewire devices connected to my computer.

    I'll check out disk util tho.
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    Disk util showed nothing wrong...


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    Just some thoughts....

    ....maybe if you restored the iPod? Repair permissions? Latest version of iTunes?....
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    Restoration? Doesn't that wipe the drive clean (can't do it, I have songs on the iPod that were somehow deleted on my computer itself)

    I tried repairing, but it said the drive was fine. (permissions are only for Mac Os X systems, which the iPod doesn't have)

    I just got 4.7 ... and its the latest.

    I had 4.6 and it didn't work then either. :confused:
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    This happenned to me this past weekend, I did everything said here, I changed the cable and all is fine now.

    Hopefully that is all it is for you. :)
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    Changed what cable?

    The firewire cable for the iPod looks good... :confused:
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    Help please?

    I can't upload my new songs... :(
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    It may look good, but it's not working (I think thats what you meant ;) ). Not sure which iPod you have but if you have the non-dock one, try another firewire cable. If you do have a dockable iPod, you'll need another one of those. Maybe the cable has a cut in it that doesn't allow iTunes to fully see the iPod? Maybe the firewire port has a loose/bent pin? Have your tried updating the OS on the iPod itself? I'm not sure if that would erase the song or not though. Not sure if you keep you computer on all the time, but if so, try restarting it? One time iTunes wouldn't open when I connected my iPod and a restart fixed that. I know this must be frustrating for you, but I'm just saying things that I would do.

    Best of luck to you :)
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    I believe I have a dock.

    I put my iPod into small white basestation, which connects to firewire.

    The cable is not broken or bent, and is connected properly.

    I updated the iPod recently.

    I've restarted my computer several times, no effect.

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    Anyone please?

    This is a really really annoying problem.
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    I hate triple posters.

    Please please please.

    Solution needed.
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    iTunes Freezes when Open when iPod connected

    I've been having the same problem! I'm sure it’s the PCI card. I thought it was the ipod, then I thought it was the software, then I thought it was the cable... But all of these things have been checked out. I can use my ipod on other machines with the same version software using the same cable. The only thing I'm not using on the other machines is the firewire card. I haven't been able to solve this problem with the card so I can use it on my machine yet.. But this should narrow it down a little bit'. If anyone knows why this is happening, pls drop a line' :eek:
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    The firewire port is busted?

    Anyone else know more info? :confused:
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    But I'm on 10.2.7

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    I just got a new card and tried to open up iTunes and the same thing happened (just so you know, I'm using a PC). Someone recommended using EphPod, so I downloaded that program and tried using it with my iPod.

    EphPod and my IEEE card are happy together :D . No crashes, and the same features as iTunes (minus the nice look of iTunes). I have no idea why iTunes wont work with this machine and IEEE card, while working well with my other machines, but EphPod is just as good, and its free: ww.ephpod.com.. Let us know what happens'.
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    So why is this problem happening.

    So far I got:

    If you have a windows or Linux comp, I have a fix for you.

    If you use a mac, do the steps you already said you did, and do them again.

    Where does this leave me again?
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    this is so dumb

    ok well i had this same thing happen to me. i downloaded itunes whatever and ipod would cause itunes to freeze. i tried a ton of stuff and even reset my ipod and had everything deleted which i thought worked and it came up on itunes and didnt freeze. but then i bought some more stuff and added them to my ipod and it was still fine until i unplugged and tried to plug it back and the same old thing happened. then i decided to just try to download the older version of itunes i had that worked. so i searched old itunes downloads and found a list of em and downloaded one and now i can connect my ipod with itunes again finally. GOD, freakin apple is retarded...yeah so just try to find the older version of itunes to download. it should work.
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    So could you please tell me which itunes version you're using ? I want the latest but free-bug version ;)

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