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iWeb on iPad?????

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by RunOverProducti, Apr 7, 2010.

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has information about iWeb working on the iPad, also which one I should get, wifi or 3G and why?

    I already have the iPhone so I guess the wifi version should be fine.

    Any suggestions?:(

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    I was very surprised when iWeb was not announced at the original iPad event.
  3. ugp
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    I would really love to see iWeb come to the iPad. I would certainly buy it for sure.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they mobilize the whole iLife Suite. Tons of people would buy it.
  4. ugp
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    I submitted Feedback via the iWeb Feedback tool on Apples website.
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    Dammit Cubs

    If there is iweb for ipad. I would basically keep my mobileme account and use my me account to host my blog. instead of outside sources.
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    I am waiting on the 3G version, and think you should also. I'm not sure just how often I would use the 3G but I would be really mad not to have the option. You also get GPS on the 3G. And since the 3G service isn't a contract you would be able to buy it when you need it and not when you don't.
  7. M87
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    Shouldn't an iLife update be coming? Maybe they'll roll out iPad versions when they update it.
  8. ugp
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    What does this have to do with this thread?
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    iMovie and GarageBand are probably a bit heavy for the quarter-gig of iPad RAM (iDVD is kind of losing relevance). Even streamlining them would not be enough to make it a good experience. Next year, next year...
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    Get the one you need at the price point you can afford.
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    I would love for the ipad to have parts of iLife. Mainly Iweb because it would be great for blogs. I would love for Garageband to come out but that's a lot to put in. I think they could get most of iPhoto on their, maybe a limited version that could synch to your laptop or desktop. The rest would be wishful thinking, and maybe iweb is too, again a limited version I guess.
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    I don't think iPhoto would be there. They already imported Places and such onto the iPhone OS 4.0 which would make it into the iPad update in the fall. I'm sure if anything they'd just add onto the photos application.

    iWeb would be very nice. I too would probably convert from Wordpress to MobileMe if it existed.
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    Something like iWeb is foreseeable. Even if it doesn't come from Apple, I'm sure something like it will be coming in the future.
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    I have the iPad 3G (week now) love it! Way more than the iPhone, you can see things bigger and for online service it's the best deal my FAR...
  15. Guest

    iWeb is already a very limited creation tool. Considering the iPad doesn't use a file-system, iWeb would have to be stripped down to almost nothing other than select a theme and type some words.

    It just isn't practical.
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    Seems that you dont have a blog... it would be awsome to be able to write to your blog wherever you are, maybe uploading some pictures you just took on your trip without the need of a Laptop or even a PC.

    Any news about iWeb for iPad?
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    Reread the original post.
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    my personal opinion like others have said, having the option of 3g is nice to have and thats y i got the 3g.
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    I would absolutely love the iPad to have a simple iWeb app. All it needs to be is something to allow you to add posts to your blog, think about it, us lot who want iWeb on the iPad already have websites made on iWeb on the desktop, a simple iPad companion to remotely update your blog would be fantastic. Personally I really want this on the iPad but I think it would be even better for the iPhone as people could upload photos they take and blog from the location etc.

    The only thing is that they might not want to do this as it would potentially hurt the Mac... I would not use my iMac half as much if I could blog on an iPad sitting in the middle of a field! (see video on my homepage for potential blogging field!)
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    Maybe I'm missing something but wouldn't an App that integrates with your chosen blogging platform be a more streamlined way of achieving this than iWeb?
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    No, because my blogging platform is MobileMe! So iWeb is the most streamlined software for it!

    Of course I wouldn't mind if anybody else makes an independent app to edit my blog... But an iWeb app would be perfect...
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    Just thought I would throw this in here as well, the desktop iWeb needs to be given some sort of option to allow you the ability to change the website to a basic mobile version for mobile phones etc, just like various wordpress plugins that if you view the site from an iOS device change it to a very simple RSS feed so that the writing is not formatted for a desktop screen size such as this: http://www.invertedhourglass.com/in...0/8/2_A_Little_Bit_of_History__Witch_One.html

    I know that it is unlikely anybody would be reading that much of a random site on a mobile device but imagine how unreadably small the text is when not viewed on an iPad screen or bigger! I don't want to have to publish the text in a very thin text box in order to gain mobile ease of use as it then makes the desktop browser version seem out of whack!
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    Maybe he has a blog but he doesn't use iWeb. There are much better blogging tools around. iWeb is fine, if you know nothing about creating a website and you just want a simple site. Don't expect fast sites, though and don't have your hopes high about search engine ranking.

    If there is a need for blogging from the iPad, WordPress or Drupal should be the terms that you search for in the App Store.
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    I'd enjoy the portability of iWeb on an iPad, but like some other reviewers said I just don't know if the iPad can support the funcationality needed for it to be useful.

    I'm trying to do a project for my 8th grade history class...where they podcast stuff they create so they can post it on a web site and iTunes. Can't really do that on an iPad. I'd love for a new MBA to come out so I didn't have to carry around the MBP 13"
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Hear you on all accounts.

    For me a MBA is not in the cards at all. I rarely use my MPB any more.

    I would like just a simple iWeb for the iPad. Let me update on the road. As a MobileMe subscriber, use that as a hook....

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