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Discussion in 'OS X' started by amycishere, Feb 7, 2007.

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    I saw in the tutorial that you can change the paper into a word document to work with PCs and make powerpoint presentations as well. This would save me $100 if true. Should I try iworks first and the free application neo office before I spend the $150 on Office? I have heard it runs slow and right now I only plan on buying 1 GB of memory.

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    On some apps.. you can:

    File-->Export-->Into its compatible Word, Excel, etc file type. It won't open on the Mac, but move to a PC w/ Office and it will.

    True to what jsw said. I was just referring to save as Word doc and Pages doc.
  3. jsw
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    Yes, you can export it to Word format, which will read on a PC.

    Also, it (the export in Word format) will re-open in Pages, so it's not like you can't open it back up.
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    And yes, you can export keynote to powerpoint presentations. Be warned, tho, that if you do any effects, it will export the most approximate version of that effect- so if you have dissolves or move ins or anything, the powerpoint version will not look as good.

    It's a handy tool that i've used a few times- and each time it reminds me how ugly and unwieldy powerpoint is.
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    I'll just chime in and say:

    1. Pages makes perfect Word documents as far as I can tell.

    2. Keynote is easier to use than Powerpoint and looks 5 times nicer. I've had no problem exporting Keynote presentations in the PPT format.
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    Thank you everyone!!! Seriously, you guys saved me 100 dollars. THANK YOU!
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    If I may add a nice tip about showing Keynote presentations on a Windows computer: export your Keynotes as "Quicktime presentations". You'll keep all your effects and Quicktime will pause and wait for a key press between slides just like Keynote would in display/presentation mode.
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    This works beautifully - just beware that the file sizes can be enormous, and you'll need QT Pro if you want to go fullscreen (IIRC).
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    Great tip, thanks! Will definitely use!
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    Why that isn't in the free version i don't know, at least with QT7 it's not nagware anymore :rolleyes:.
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    I would guess Apple wants people to use iTunes, because that does play video full screen.
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    NeoOffice is good, but it'll run a bit slower than Office- normally not a big deal. Since it's free, what reason would you have for not trying it?
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    Because it's ugly, clumsy, and also slow?
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    I've yet to see a pretty spreadsheet :p
    A word processor is pretty-much a word processor, and slide software is pretty-much slide software, I don't think it's that much less ugly than Office. Anyway- the OP can't judge for themselves how ugly, clumsy or slow without trying it. :p
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    Then you haven't used Pages or Keynote very much.

    Well, it's not that much uglier than Office, true.

    Well obviously. Nobody said they couldn't. But I gave you possible reasons for why someone might not want to. Just because something is free doesn't mean there is nothing to lose (wasted time, for example).

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