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Java 1.4.1 Update for Mac OS X

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by Elan0204, Mar 10, 2003.

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    From MacMinute

    For more info go to Apple's Java 1.4.1 Page.
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    It's about *&$%#@ time! I've looked over some of the features of Apple's Java 1.4.1 Update, and I must say I'm impressed. Hopefully, this means that Apple will continue to provide full and timely Java support for OS X from now on.

    GO APPLE!!!
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    Sweet!!! Downloading now... I took a java class, and it is a pretty cool language if you want to write something to run on multiple platforms. Thanks Apple
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    How spooky!!

    I was just browsing this forum and software update pops its head up

    Scared the bejesus outta me
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    Although this is the most appropriate forum for this thread. To quote arn's rules for this forum:

    If you look at the kind of threads in this forum and the kinds posted in the "software discussion" forum this thread should be here.

    edit: arn has closed the other thread.
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    I hope I can sell on ebay now and not have to use IE.
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    Safari and Camino both work for me on Ebay???
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    Hmm I sell on ebay and use Safari, what problems are you seeing?
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    no Aqua for NetBeans?

    I went and got NetBeans and i can't get it to use the aqua look and feel. I used the .dmg binary and the tar.gz one. Niether let me set teh aqua UI. Has anyone gotten it to work?
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    Hrm, maybe I should try to learn Java again.....anybody got some good links to Java tutorials?

    Another thing I noticed, this update doesn't require OS 10.2.4....but that doesn't matter since I can't upgrade right now (56k modem makes upgrading the system kinda hard)
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    I hope borland ships their Jbuilder soon

    I really want JBuilder 8 for Mac to come, the 7 doesn't work with Java 1.4.1, I hope they update it soon.
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    I got it right when it came out. I refreshed the software update, and nothing was there, and five seconds later, it opened software update.
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    Does anyone know how this will affect LimeWire and other Java apps? using quartz extreme and aqua more should make it a little bit less of a resource hog...I hope
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    I'm shocked. I just went to http://www.eweek.com, which is routine for me and it was almost unusably slow after the Java update. In fact, I tried it with:

    Camino 0.7
    Safari v60
    Internet Explorer 5.2.2 and
    Mozilla 1.2.1

    I had to force-quit Mozilla because it stopped working. I guess there will be a plug-in update at some point.

    Default look-and-feel is much different. For examples, see my thread in Distributed computing: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21248
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    ESPN Fantasy baseball still does not work, oh well, perhaps when the full release of Safari and Camino arrive, it will be fixed.
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    On left side of the page look under the Documentation heading for "Tutorials"
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    Safari beta v.64 works great at eweek for me.
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    Hooray for AppleScript support! This will lead to great things.

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    Re: I hope borland ships their Jbuilder soon

    Forget JBuilder, use Eclipse
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    Well, after installing it I find the Limewire answer to be yes and no. Limewire itself feels a bit zippier, entered keywords seem to be accepted a bit faster, but it still messes up the display of other apps if it's visible behind them.

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    Sorry to kill your illusions, but LimeWire doesn't work at all with java 1.4.1.
    But 1.3.1 is still installed (look in /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/) and programs can choose which version they want to use.

    They will probably update LimeWire soon, but right now LimeWire depends on lots of the old carbon-apple specials in 1.3.1.
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    Re: Re: I hope borland ships their Jbuilder soon

    I'll 2nd that! Eclipse is awesome!
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    Uh, Bousozoku, I tried eweek.com, and it loads fine for me. Furthermore, I took a look at the page source, and I don't believe there is any Java involved (they use ASP's - boo). There is javascript, but that is no relation to Java.

    Hey guys, I use Eclipse on Windows at work, but there is no Os X version. Furthermore, I was under the impression that they use their own binary UI classes, not Swing, so I fail to see how it could even run under X11 on OS X.

    If I'm wrong, I'll be happy to be set straight.


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