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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by VPrime, Jan 18, 2009.

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    I require a decent (preferably free) java decompiler for school. I have windows alternatives, but dont want to load up a VM, or bootcamp.

    Any one have suggestions?

    *before any one thinks I just want to steal code, it is for my secure computing course. First lesson is on java vulnerabilities.
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    If it's for a course, they would point you in the direction of the appropriate software to use. Do your own homework.
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    I believe they have, for windows. I think the poster is asking because what is provided doesn't work on their platform of choice, and the course is windows-centric so no alternatives are offered for other platforms.

    With that said, having never used it and found it with a search for "OS X" java decompiler on google, JAD sounds like it might work for the OP:

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    Thank you. And yes windows software is provided to us, not mac. I would prefer to use OSX instead of booting into windows or use vmware.
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    Get JarInspector :) But do your homework...

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