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JAVA Homework Help PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by mcmacmcmac, Oct 27, 2007.

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    Hey, can anyone spot why this thing won't compile. I just don't get it, and it's driving me crazy!!

    I get 1 error

    59: missing return statement
    } // end method toString
    1 error

    import java.util.Scanner; // program uses class Scanner
    public class Invoice
    	private String customerName; // name of customer this Invoice is issued to
    	private double invoiceTotal; // total amount of the customer's purchases
    	// custructor
    	public Invoice ( String name)
    		customerName = name; // initializes customerName
    	} // end constructor
    	// method to retrieve the customer name
    	public String getCustomerName()
    		return customerName;
    	} // end method getCustomerName
    	// method to retrieve the invoice total
    	public double getInvoiceTotal()
    		return invoiceTotal; // gives the value of invoice total to the calling method
    	} // end method getinvoiceTotal
    	// method to obtain user input
    	public void addItem()
    		// create Scanner to obtain input from command window
    		Scanner input = new Scanner ( System.in );
    		// prompt user to unter the unit price and quantity for each item
    		// prompt user to enter <ctrl> z once all items have been entered
    		System.out.print("Enter the unit price and quantity purchased or <ctrl> z to quit:");
    		while ( input.hasNext() )
    			double unitPrice = input.nextDouble();
    			int quantity = input.nextInt();
    			invoiceTotal += (unitPrice*quantity);
    		} //end while
    	} // end method addItem
    	public String toString()
    		System.out.printf("Customer Name: %s\n",getCustomerName() );
    		System.out.printf("Invoice Total: %.2f\n",getInvoiceTotal() );
    	} // end method toString
    } // end class Invoice
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    AJ Muni

    I'm only in java 1, so dont take me too serious. But i've never seen that System.out.printf before... with the " f ". I've only seen, and used, System.out.println (to start a new line) and System.out.print (to continue on same line). I may be dead wrong of course.

    Edit: I think your missing the +.

    System.out.printf("Customer Name: %s\n" + getCustomerName() );
    System.out.printf("Invoice Total: %.2f\n" + getInvoiceTotal() );
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    The error basically tells you what to do! Your toString() method must have a return statement at the end. Even return ""; would do.

    	public String toString()
    		System.out.printf("Customer Name: %s\n",getCustomerName() );
    		System.out.printf("Invoice Total: %.2f\n",getInvoiceTotal() );
    		return "";
    However, what it really should do though is something like this:
    	 * My javadoc compliant comment
    	public String toString()
    		return String.format("Customer Name: %s\nInvoice Total: %.2f\n", getCustomerName(), getInvoiceTotal());
    Also I would be hesitant to put anything like "} // end method toString" at the end of each method or class. This is the type of thing a verbose language purist would tell you to do and it makes the code no more readable than it was without.
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    Just for the sake of good programming practice, the toString() method should return a string, rather than output it, then in the call to it, you would have:


    The toString() method should never actually output anything. If you want the method to output something, change the return type to void and then I think you'll have to rename the method because I don't think you can overload the default toString() method like that.
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    This is what is asked in the guidelines:

    o Have a method called toString, which when called, will print out the name and invoice total of the customer rounded to two decimal places.
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    thanks for the replies guys, i think i got it
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    If that's the case then shouldn't you be using the header

    public void toString() 

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