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Java problems

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by tawcat, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Anyone having trouble with Java?

    My wife is having difficulty with Pogo.com. She has the same updates, settings, etc as I have on my iMac, I'm not having any problems.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    I just went to Oracle's website and got the Java 7u17 .dmg installer.


    This worked for me.
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    Weird, she d/l'd that etc and still nothing. I think it's a Pogo issue.
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    Have you tried other Java enabled websites? What browser are you using, I personally use Firefox over Safari because IMO it's far superior.

    This will test your Java plugin.
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    No help. Again it's weird, my mac and hers have the same exact versions, settings etc.
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    Did the Java testing website work?

    Try this:

    System Preferences ---> Java

    This should open the Java Control Panel. Select the Java tab and hit the View button.

    The Java platform should be enabled. If it is not, check Enabled.

    Hope this helps.
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    Kind of a moot point now, this morning I am getting the same error on Pogo as my wife. So I have to think that it's a Pogo issue, read where quite a few are experiencing this same issue.

    Thanks for your help.
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    what browser are you using?

    it works good on safari for me.
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    Just to echo what others are saying, try a different browser. I've had to help my mom with this exact problem, and ultimately the only solution at the time was to use a different browser.
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    Apple are repeatedly blocking - without notice - the Java plugin as new exploits are revealed. This affects Safari, though Chrome has no java plugin as its only a 32bit app.

    Wait until v18 of Java is released. The latest block was a bit weird for me - 17 was blocked a few days ago, then there was a java update via the app store and 17 seemed to work again, then it was blocked again...
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    Update 17 is not and has not been blocked. The update Apple provides is for Java 6 and would not affect the Java 7 install at all.
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    Well as it turns out, I obviously wasn't looking at the right screen when I first went to this site. Retraced my steps today, and voila' it is working fine.

    I overlooked the "inactive plugin" alert. Clicked on it, it activated the plugin, my wife is smiling!!!

    Every time something like this happens I go into a panic mode as I am the one that convinced her a Mac is so much better than a PC and Windows.

    Thanks for all the input and help.

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