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Joining me for some a.m. MR surfing...

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by iSaint, Jul 22, 2006.

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    Leading a life of luxury!

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    Yeah, mine is laying right next to my desk, but I am to lazy to plug in the iSight. :eek:
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    12:03am Sunday here so I'll roll up for early morning MR surfing too. But you'll have to get rid of the cats....
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    I really want to get a cat sometime after I move (in town) next week... :eek:
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    I don't miss cats.

    Sometimes it might take a second shot though...:D
    Am I bad? Yeah....I'm bad....
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    Want this one?
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    My cat usually sleeps by himself on the sofa:

    P6200039.jpg P6200041.jpg P7090063.jpg

    But every now and then he tries to cuddle up with my girlfriend's much older and grumpy cat:


    Or try out some synchronized sleeping with my mother's old cat:

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    OMG now i want another cat so bad.

    and the kittens are playing outside too.

    :: grumble grumble ::
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    My cat always sleeps with at least 1 paw in the air :confused: . He is an odd one. :confused: :p
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    If I had experience, I guess I might, but I am looking to learn at this point... :eek: And actually besides moving, I have to finish intensive neuroanatomy before I get a cat, so more like late August...
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    And this thread makes me think of one of my favorite (yet sometimes annoying) YTMND's.


    Sound is a must.
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    I love cats but unfortenately my dad is extremely allergic to them :(
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    Actually, the sound terrifies me. :( I imagine a not-so-cat-friendly child terrorizing a poor innocent cat.
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    This thread makes me want to get a cat. :eek: But then I realized their pee pee is stinky and I much prefer the company of dogs. :p
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    <Opens door. Releases dog. Closes door>
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    i want them all. seriously.
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    does anyone have a picture of a cat and dog together?
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    My first two pets were a Golden Retriever and a fuzzy gray cat. I don't have any pics, but they played and slept together all the time.
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    I guess no one here has one, but here's something from Googleland:

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    how many cats do you need? :eek:

    I'm kidding.. I love kitties!


    that one is mine.. check the notes on the flickr page for truthy goodness
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    From my crappy cell phone.

    I loves me some Biscuit. :D


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    Oh, sorry you feel that way...I am pretty sure it is from Monsters Inc. though

    I found it riotous
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    You all should enter them on Kitten Wars.com

    The winningest ones are soo cute!
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    They were sleeping on the bed, head on the pillow of course, and I was about to get the picture and they woke up. I thought it was cuter with their eyes closed. Oh well
    Yeah, he likes to sleep with his tongue out. :eek:

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