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just about two weeks...

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by rbroady, Sep 11, 2007.

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    and we will be able to hack our touch's and put all the app's on that apple left out!!!

    dont know about you guys but im stoked!

    enough with these threads talking smack, heres to two more weeks!
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    Yes! Someone optimistic. I can't wait, the only thing I am hoping for is that Apple won't make it so you will ruin your iPod if it like detects those apps on it or something like that
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    21 days... ish. That'd be 3 weeks.
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    Heh, I must admit despite being bummed about the calendar news, I'm still damn excited to get the touch. I'm getting payed on the 27th, and that check is going straight to the iPod Touch on the 28th when I get out of work. (I hope the Apple store has plenty of stock o_O )

    Is... is anyone else going to get this thing and then rock out like a bad 80's band?

    "I GOT THE TOUCH!!! I GOT THE POWER~!" >.<_v
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    well this is also to hoping there in stores before or on the 28th...that would be 17 days.

    i opted to ditch the online stores since im mearly smack dab in the middle of the 5th ave and soho stores.
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    I'll let you off... I'm excited too. ;)
  7. TBi
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    I think i'll wait for the european (3G) iPhone to come out. The iPod Touch is a novel idea but i'd prefer to have an iPhone rather than a seperate low capacity iPod with lots of capabilities that i can only use within range of Wi-Fi.
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    im expecting mine 3 weeks from today if it shipes friday the 28th two day delivery would put it tuesday three weeks from now

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