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Just ordered a very cool sleeve!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ProPedderKustom, Feb 7, 2008.

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    thats pretty nice i must say.. do they make sleeves for other laptops?
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    Very nice sleeve.... the slickest I have seen so far (like the understated design)...

    Have you ordered from that provider in the past ? Happy about the service ? Can you let us know your thoughts when you actually receive the sleeve ?


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    i need sleeves for my macbook air too

    yes please share your thoughts if you ordered from them before
    and it's only available in 2 colors??
    i guess black and brown is out of stock
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    That's gorgeous. Need one of those too. Will order it asap. :cool:
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    I agree, I like it but at the same time would be super simple to make yourself. Especially for $35.
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    I had one of Incipio's sleeves for the iPhone. Same material, same construction. It looks better in photos. The black one got oily right away. The PVC or vinyl or whatever they use smells awful. The inside stitching was rough and would catch on the iPhone buttons. YMMV.
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    nice find...mine will be here tomorrow. All they had was green left, looks like they are sold out now.
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    Looks very nice. Let us know how you like it when you get it.
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    I ordered one earlier this week and got it today. I scoured the internet looking for a sleeve slick enough for my new air. This seemed the best. I like it a lot. It might be a little too open at the open end for some people. The "fatter" part of the air is at the opening. I would buy it again for sure though. Looks like a nice leather folio.

    I have always purchased Waterfield sfbags sleeves before. Those are still very nice, but I think with the Air, you are paying such a premium for thin that this one is more suited. Seeing them side by side.. this new one is perfect.
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    thanks for the impression!

    i'm worried about the open end part still thought
    does it easily slide in and out? or is it more of a tight fit? casue i dont' want my air to fall out!!

    i emailed them and the lady told me they will get stock for the orange color and the black in about 2 weeks..
    i'm really leaning on this one and it seems to be the nicest looking sleeve ive seen for the air
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    i had the same one for my iphone and its made out of the same material but after 3 weeks of pulling my phone in and out all the time it was very loose and my iphone fell out of the case onto the floor. i really like this macbook air case but im not gonna buy it cuz i KNOW its gonna get loose
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    Check out the item number...item #: IM-ORION lol
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    The Air fits in very snuggly as of now. there is no way it will slide out. At the same time it is not difficult to slide remove.

    I don't want to overstate the open end part. I like the way it is, but I know some people would want everything completely covered. It is still inside "the plane" of the opening if that makes sense. I have used it some more and really really like it. I got a black one. It has a perfect feel to it and still feel like I am carrying a super thin laptop. Feels perfect to carry solo and fits nicely into my very small briefcase/tote, whatever you would call it.
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    as of now i'm still heavily considering one..

    but man only if they added like a small lil strap even that would make this perfect!

    anyone else know any nice sleeve for the air?
    i think the waterfield one and the belkin ones are ugly lookin
    and the manila envelope one is too cheesy lol
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    i'd just get the guys at reload to make me one. it will never ever fall apart. and you chose colour/trim and stitching. awesome stuff.
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    Do you have any more info about the "guys at reload" ?

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    i've ordered a large bag and a case for my powerbook. the bag has lasted over 5 years of heavy use and shows no signs of wear. really well made, solid gear. and the stitching comes with a lifetime warranty!
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    Would you recommend Reload bags over Chrome bags?


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    Yes, without a doubt.

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