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Kernel panic weirdness

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by PieMac, Oct 22, 2003.

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    I've had my dual 1.25 MDD for almost a month and so far I've had three kernel panics...all upon waking from sleep. the first one was recorded in the panic log:

    Tue Oct 7 16:07:39 2003

    Unresolved kernel trap(cpu 1): 0x300 - Data access DAR=0x00000080 PC=0x00092844
    Latest crash info for cpu 1:
    Exception state (sv=0x28044280)
    PC=0x00092844; MSR=0x00001030; DAR=0x00000080; DSISR=0x40000000; LR=0x000023D0; R1=0xFC0095BF; XCP=0x0000000C (0x300 - Data access)

    backtrace terminated - unaligned frame address: 0xFC0095BF

    Proceeding back via exception chain:
    Exception state (sv=0x28044280)
    previously dumped as "Latest" state. skipping...

    Kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 6.8:
    Wed Sep 10 15:20:55 PDT 2003; root:xnu/xnu-344.49.obj~2/RELEASE_PPC

    panic(cpu 1): 0x300 - Data access
    Latest stack backtrace for cpu 1:
    0x000857F4 0x00085C24 0x000287B4 0x0008F6A8 0x000927B8
    Proceeding back via exception chain:
    Exception state (sv=0x28044280)
    PC=0x00092844; MSR=0x00001030; DAR=0x00000080; DSISR=0x40000000; LR=0x000023D0; R1=0xFC0095BF; XCP=0x0000000C (0x300 - Data access)

    backtrace terminated - unaligned frame address: 0xFC0095BF

    Kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 6.8:
    Wed Sep 10 15:20:55 PDT 2003; root:xnu/xnu-344.49.obj~2/RELEASE_PPC

    Oddly enough, the other two, most recent panics, were not recorded. Also, the last one (which was last night) wasn't the typical box with the different languages, it was the DOS looking white type on black and I am running the very latest version of Jaguar....very strange.

    Up until I got my dual, I've never experenced a panic (I also have an iBook and my other half has the flat screen iMac). From what I can gather, they seem to be fairly common in the PowerMac G4s...especially the duals. How many kernel panics are really considered "excessive" vs "acceptable" in the grand scheme of things ? It's not like it's crashing every day or anything.

    I did add two 512 MB sticks of Crucial RAM to the stock 256 when I first got my G4 (installed it before first boot) and I did change some system icons with Candy Bar and am running application enhancer and clear dock.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated since I am brand new to the kernel panic world.
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    Yeah, I've got a Dual 1.25 PowerMac FW800, and it seems to constantly kernal panic. My old G3 iMac had about 3 kernal panics over the course of two years. My PowerMac has had 3 in the last two weeks. Mine all seem to happen awaking from sleep as well. It's gotten to the point I want to call Apple, because this is just unnacceptable. I feel I would be getting better reliability if I was running Windows, which is just absurd. Panther is coming on Friday, and I'm going to do a clean install, we'll see how that works out. Also, I too have added one 512MB RAM module from crucial. I don't think thats the problem, as it is high quality memory, and I have some in the iMac too. Ah, and one last thing, none of these kernal panics ever show up in the console. I have no clue what's going on. The only USB devices I have connected are an HP deskjet and an MS mouse, which have never given me any problems with the iMac.
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    Same here...I'm planning on clean installing Panther this weekend and see if that makes a difference. I also doubt that it's the Crucial RAM...I have the same RAM in my iBook with no probs and they are known for their quality. The only hardware I have hooked up are my creature speakers and my Palm cradle...the mouse and keyboard are the ones that came with the G4. I connect to the printer through renedevous.

    I will probably hold off installing Application enhancer, Clear dock, and CandyBar and see how it goes...has anyone had problems with these apps causing panics? I know they say that some haxies can....
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    Mine Too

    I have been working with apple since I got the machine in May. I have shipped my Cinema display back because they thought it was the USB hub in it. It wasn't

    I purchased a UPS on apples advise to fix the problem, still panics when waking from sleep.

    Have done numerous system re-installs, and tried everything I can think of and piles of stuff Apple recomended. Panics every other day waking from sleep

    My position now, with Apple, is I want a new machine. If I wanted something that crashed as much as this machine does, I would have bought a PC.

    I had a G3 PB running osx and it never crashed, still never does. It is a rock. The DP 1.25 I have is a complete lemon.

    Would love to hear of any sollutions
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    i just got the new 12" powerbook and bought more ram from Crucial and upon installation of the ram I started getting kernel panics a couple times a day, took the ram out and everything is fine. They're sending more some new ram, sometimes you just get a bad one.
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    I seem to have fixed my PD 1.25 kernel panic problems. I pulled a stick of kingston memory which was installed by the person I purchaced the machine from. Haven't had a kernel panic waking from sleep in 5 days. I used to get them almost every other day, so I am hoping it is the cause of my problems. I'll let you know in a week.
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    got the new Crucial ram and same kernel panics. really annoying. i called apple and they said "sorry, can't help you unless you have apple ram". that's just great. one thing that apple needs to do is support more than just "their" ram. i mean at least have a list of a few other companies that their ram is known to work. well anyway, the apple tech said to take the powerbook into the apple store and they might be able to let me try out some apple ram in it to see how it works. bah. if the apple ram works i'll probably buy it but $125 for Crucial ram (best in the world as far as i am concerned) or $200 for apple ram, that's outrageous.
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    That's not just Apple. HP does the same thing to me with Crucial RAM in our servers. It's just that they don't have any input in Quality Assurance/Control, so I can't say I really blame them for not supporting it. But I do know it can get frustrating.
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    So is there a utility for OS X that I can use to check if my RAM is fine? I've searched for it a little bit, haven't found anything yet.
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    switchingGeek - the only one i know of is the hardware diagnostic tools on the DVD that came from Apple, which for me checked out fine.

    so when i called Apple support the guy was telling me how 3rd party ram sucks and apple ram rocks (not exactly like that but that was the jist of what he was saying). so i went to my local Apple store and the guys there said the exact same thing (not much of a surprise there), so i bit the bullet and bought Apple ram, took it home, opened up the box to find before me... guess... just guess what it was... Micron memory. the same stuff that Apple was telling me was no good cause it was 3rd party (since Micron commercially sells their ram under the Crucial name). the only thing is that i guess Apple checks each individual stick of ram to make sure it's up to snuff, which is nice, but worth the extra $75 i paid to get Micron ram from Apple rather than Crucial? bah, i'm so sick of this crap now that i don't care how much Apple marked up the ram, as long as i don't get anymore kernel panics. so far so good but we'll see.

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