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kext cache not root?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by davidlv, Oct 1, 2012.

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    10,8,2 ML Console error:
    2012/10/02 6:36:14.164 com.apple.kextd[18]: Can't create kext cache under / - owner not root.

    Repair possible?
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    Check it out. Fix permissions on the disk. It looks like a simple permissions error on the cache.
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    Thnks for he reply
    Tried that, using disk itility, both while running from the HD and then from the repait partition too. No fix. :(
    Deleted the system and user caches with Onyx, no fix. :(
    I suspect the permissions are wrong for the com.apple.kextd file. but I do not know what they should be. :eek:
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    Actually I was thinking the cache at root ( / ) had the permission error.
    So when you can it there were no errors at the cache folder?
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    Do you know how to fix that?
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    During the disk permission check if it was not correct it should be fixed automatically.
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    Our posts/edits are getting out of sync! LOL
    I have the same error un console after running Disk Util's permission repair.:(
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    Glad it helped.
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    I don't know to be honest. I did not look into the issue other than a quick Google search for the OP.
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    1. Open Terminal
    2. Type "sudo chown root:admin /"
    3. Then type "sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions" (this will force a rebuild of the kext cache)

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