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Keyboard backlight automatically turn on after updated to 10.7.4

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by ipos, May 12, 2012.

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    MBP keyboard backlight will automatically turn on in 10.7.4. Never had this problem in 10.7.3 .

    anyone had the same experience?
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    Yes. After I initially updated it was on. I turned it off. I have not seen it on randomly but after another random reboot it was back on again once.
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    Yeah, I'm having the same issue. The weird thing is, it acts like the backlight isn't on if I hit the key to decrease the brightness. I have to actually turn the brightness up before I'm able to turn it off.
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    Yes. I'm having this MBP problem with no resolution. I cannot turn off the backlight at all. I've found no fixes.

    There are also other problems. I can't use DVD player at all. I also didn't have this problem in 10.7.3. It's frustrating. The Lion OS experience has been disappointing even before and now things are much worse.
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    I unchecked the automatically adjust keyboard brightness option in system prefs and I haven't had the keyboard come on since, but prior to doing that it was coming on all the time at random, especially when the machine was idle or seemingly asleep.

    Strange one.

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