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Keyboard Illumination Not Functioning

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by pnoble, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Keyboard illumination is suddenly not functioning. Auto-illumination is still checked in Keyboard System Preference. Manual control (F5/F6)does not function. There is now a circle with a diagonal line below the on-screen illumination graphic when F5 or F6 is pressed. Anyone else experience this? Any thoughts?

    I just installed the latest OS update but am not sure the problem is coincident to this. Just noticed it.
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    same here. When I'm in a well-lit area the MBA won't allow me to turn on the keyboard backlight.
  3. bov
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    i dont think your keyboard backlight is supposed to come on if you're in a well lit area... its like this on my MBP too, unless im missing something .. :confused:
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    I experienced the same situation with regard to the "No Smoking" sign for the backlight. Try covering the left area next to the iSight, then try the backlight control. When I'm in a bright room, it seems to automatically disable the backlight.
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    I agree. Its not supposed to come on
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    Yes I know it's now a malfunction per se, but just that sometimes I'd like to turn on the backlight and watch it glow :p
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I did some further experimentation:

    covering the sensor with my finger dimmed the screen and briefly engaged the backlight which then faded.

    But while on I was able to manually raise the backlight level (F6) and now it works properly again. Very strange. At least it doesn't seem to suggest a physical controller problem.

    Also: am I the only one to feel current leak through the Air case? I have a metal desk at home and have to avoid my arm touching the desk.
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    I just had this problem on my mbp, disabled icon when i try to manually change the keyboard brightness. Covering the sensors with my hands made it work again.

    I spend entirely too much time moving my hands near the sensors and watching the keys glow and the screen dim and i dream of playing a theramin with my light sensor....

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