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keynote bloopers.funny.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by superkatalog, Sep 17, 2006.

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    I love it, Steve Jobs trying to turn the digital camera on saying "I need help up here, it's technical"

    "and Massive Branch Prediction Logic - I don't know what it does - predicts branches?, I don't know"
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    hahahahehehe :D

    great clips !
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    Very nice. I've seen some of those but a couple of new ones thrown in there. I remember the Sony guy, I don't know who asked him to come and talk but I think they should have made him practice his speach before he went on stage :p
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    AJ Muni

    "Its pretty awesome when it works"
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    I'd love to see one of these for Microsoft...how long do you think it would last...? :p
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    There isn't enough hard drive space on Google's video servers to host a video that long.
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    I havent seen that before but it is quite good. Proof thqat Jobs is still human, he hasnt risen high enough us yet.
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    unlike that ape steve bullmer :p
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    the sony-man is great.
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    "we've got adaptive latent semantic analysis. i don't know what it does but it works."

    i've never seen Mac bloopers before. these were funny.
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    That was good.

    The part (about 1:50 in) where the keynote title is 'Massive Branch Prediction Logic' and Steve says: "Which I don't know what it does. Predicts branches?" :D
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    America's Funniest Keynote Videos?
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    That was funny, thanks for sharing!
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    I dont remember who, but one of our fellow MR members made this I believe. :)
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    Nice idea;)

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