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Last [Q] Before I Pull the Trigger - Where to Buy iP5?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ferganer, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. ferganer, Dec 9, 2012
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    I am all set to place an order for my first ever iPhone online. I know I can get the iPhone 5 from different sources - Apple.com (unfortunately, closest store is an hour drive away), AT&T stores, AT&T online, Best Buy, WalMart, etc.

    With all the reported build quality issues in the early stages of the release and the rumors that Apple has subsequently tightened QC, I was thinking that the best way to ensure I get a more or less defect-free iPhone is to get the one that was manufactured recently.

    Which distribution channel do you, folks, think has the most recently manufactured units?

    My guess is Apple.com or an Apple Store, but I may well be wrong. I would hate to deal with AT&T because they only allow one exchange and have a restocking fee.

    Any other considerations as to where from it's best to get the iPhone?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: By the way, will I be able to exchange my iPhone at an Apple Store if I buy it from, say, Best Buy?
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    Bestbuy is $50 off the iPhone 5 right now. I got mine at bestbuy on halloween and its perfect.
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    Thanks, but how do Apple out-of-warranty replacements (say I damage the phone past 30 days) work with iPhones bought at Best Buy?
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    Same policy as if it was bought at Apple. My son and I got i5s from BB and his phone developed a green streak in the display. Apple have him a replacement within 10 mins of walking into the store
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    If you physically damage the phone they're only going to help you if you have AppleCare + no matter where you buy it from.


    Also the standard apple warranty is 1 year do 30 days wouldn't put you out of warranty.
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    i would say Bestbuy because of $50 off..
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    The Apple Store price matches.

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