Latest releases: codenames?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Doraemon, Feb 2, 2003.

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    Does anyone know the code-names of the latest Apple products (PB G4, PM G4, 20" ACD)?

    Thanks! :)
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    Code Names

    The code names are publicly available here . You do not need an Apple ID to access them.

    My office uses the codenames in our database to keep track of which model someone has, like the white iBooks, looking virtually the same, and the PowerMacs having the same case, but different internals (AGP, PCI, Digital Audio, Gigabit Ethernet) etc. It makes it easier to open up Apple's GSX page and get the service manual, or recall similar problems with other Macs of the same model. :D
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    Um...where exactly are the code-names supposed to be listed?

    You're not referring to "FW 800", "Digital Audio", etc. are you, as those are not the code-names of the Macs, but they're offical name.
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    Often codenames for brand-new products don't surface until a revision is made, until then just refer to them as "new". the new powerbooks, the new powermac, etc... once they revise them, some name will be made for distinction. people have been trying to name the 12" and 17" powerbooks for a while now, most of the names are really ... not the greatest...

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    Some times, the code-names are leaked into public before release, though. And that was what I was wondering about.

    Like the PB G4 was code-named 'Mercury', the later model 'Onyx'.
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    sometimes the program mactracker has the codenames in it's database.
    you can download it from or

    for example my g4. was officially called g4 (agp) but it's codename was sawtooth......
    and i learned that from that program....
    check it out,
  7. arn
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    I read that Apple is no longer using true codenames ... but instead names like Apple P58 etc...

    it was an article on one of the powerbook related sites... I'll see if I can find it.

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    This is from Nathalie Welch PR of hardware for APPLE, "Although some product codenames become "public" and used to identify specific configurations, it is not our intention to do so. We prefer media use the actual product name."
    No codenames yet and like arn said, they havnt really used them for awhile.
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    This page has a pretty long list. Unfortunately, they too don't have the lastest models either.

    I read that article, too, arn, but I don't know if that's the truth or if Apple just wants us to use the offical name instead (like medea posted). I mean, code-names have a long tradition at Apple and I'd doubt that they just stop using them. For what reason?
    Code-names serve two important functions, in my eyes:
    1) to cover up what they're working on
    2) for the engeneers it's a way to identify with the product

    I just don't see why that should be abandoned.

    Aside, Psomething is a code-name, too?!

    Anyway, if someone finds out what they [the latest releases] were named, please post here!

    Thanks! :)

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