LCD-PLASMA-DLP- Whats Better?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by daveg5, Aug 13, 2003.

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    this may be posted in the wrong section but here goes.
    i was just at an electronics store chatting with a sales man on a slow day, no other customers.
    i was looking at the new lower priced plasmas they had a 42" panasonic for $3999 i think it looked great. he said the good thing about plasma was the thicknessand relative low cost but you must worry about burn ins and the picture gets worse over time. i then asked about the 50 and 60" sony and zenith LCD. agian he said the thiness, small front frameand no worry about burnins however he mentioned you could have dead or always on pixels and some fast moving things may leave trails, the picture changes slightly depending on angle and it gets dimmer over time and its not best at non native resolutions a little blurry,
    then he showed me what he thought was the best buy and by far the cheapest a dlp monitor, basically a digital projector, 13-18 inches deep so bigger then the others, great pic from all angles you buy a new bulb for $200 evrery 3-4 years so picture stays bright and your investment stays goodno burn in no dead or always on pixels much cheaper, a 50 samsung well under $4000. he then mentioned hdtv spec of 720 progresive which he says is superior to 480interlace and 1080i. and 1280i and said most plasma in this range will not have all these choices i.e. gateways. i think he said but am not sure that unlike lcd's the dlp treats the resolutions independant of some native resolution thereby giving better overall results then plasma and lcds when viewed at a non native resolution. of course i was intrigued, and istantly had thoughts of a 23" wide scrrn computer monitor using this technology just 13" think with a choice of all resolutions being clear, no dead pixels or burn in crt type angles andresponse time.
    but now i think he was just trying to get a sale. anyone hear with the inside scoop on dlp and whether it would make a good computer monitor
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    The saleman was being pretty honest. As far as I know is that dlp has to be projected. So the monitor would have to be pretty thick, probably CRT size. here is a website that explains the technology DLP .
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    My friend at work is a movie freak. He routinely sells off movies, that he's watched too many times, to us mere mortals.

    He has a DLP because he felt it was the best buy of all the options. BUT, don't believe the bit about the bulbs lasting so long. He uses his regular TV for television programs, to save the bulbs for his DVDs. He says they cost $60, and only last a few months.
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    Also DLPs have a much lower contrast ratio then Plasma or LCD. Honestly at the moment Plasmas are the best for flat screens. If your going to get a rear projection a CRT rear projector is still the high end for theater buffs. If you want to use it in a normal room with daylight then you want something that radiates light like a LCD or Plasma. Rear projection and front projection screens both reflect too much light and for a lot of movies requires all the lights to be out and the windows to be covered well.
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    whoa thats a major difference a few months to 2 years. so about 180 a year
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    are you sure samsung is saying 1000x on thier site i believe. the rumor is these will cost less to make then crts is 2 years time with 43" under $1500, i hope so, i am just wondering if a computer monitor would be feasible.
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    yea he said 13-18" much smaller thencrt,s lighter then plasma but thicker than the 4" lcd and plasma
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    this is second generation, supposedly comparable to lcds and plasma in bright situations
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    The samsung may be DLP II which was just announced a few months ago. The problem with DLP is light reflection. It's so damn bright that there is always some ambient light that causes the contrast to go down. Actually contrast is the wrong word. Black level is the correct phrase I'm looking for. The contrast is really high because of how dang bright these things are but.... If you put it in a pitch black room the black is not black it's gray like a cheap CRT. DLP II was suppose to fix that.
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    Haha you just took the words right out of my mouth while I was composing my replay to the previous post.

    There is another problem with DLP though. If you know how it works it's a little chip with thousands of little mirrors. Well those mirrors eventually wear out and can not move anymore. From what I am hearing they don't have the life expectancy that LCDs have.
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    here a test on the first gen which is supposedly 33% better then lcds
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    Well there is no doubt that it is better then LCD projectors but DLP was not better then LCD displays. DLP II might be better but I haven't read the comparisons yet. It's actually quite confusing if you are new to all of this. Because in projector type displays either front type or rear type there are three types CRT, LCD, DLP. DLP is the only one of the three that is only available as a projector. CRT and LCD are both available as direct view also.

    I just thought I would point this out as I have been talking about CRT and LCD projectors as compared to DLP. I have also been talking about CRT and LCD direct view sets so I just wanted to make it clear what I was referring to.
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    is there any test that compairs it to lcd display like the 40"-60" variety 4 inch thick and newer plasmas, and traditional crt and lcd computer monitors?
    or do we have to wait?
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    i was looking at buying a 48" hitachi plasma until i went round a friend's place and saw his brand new 50" samsung dlp. he uses it as a computer monitor too(on XP unfortunately, he was amazed with the iSight mind...). it looked awesome. and it wasn't deep, 16" or so.

    i was seriously impressed by it, so now i'mma have to compare them all when i get a chance...
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    For what it's worth, I ended up getting a Hitachi plasma - and I'm more than happy with it (infact it's my new baby - yeh!).

    The company I work for has been using plasmas for a long time now as display systems for stations & airports. The early generation plasmas had issues with burn and degredation of image quality, but the newer ones have improved out of sight.

    For the display systems we want to encourage new clients to use lcd - because they will last longer - but decent ones still cost a fortune.

    Anyway, the plasma's for Paddington station have been constantly on for - what, 5 years now? Displaying text. They're still good.
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    I have yet to decide on a projection unit for my new apartment. I had a lightware projector when I was in college, we hooked the xbox up to it and had a blast. I can't wait to get another... does anyone in the forums currently use a home projection system and can recommend one in the ~$1000 range?

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