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Leo install failing

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by LeoTheLion89, Mar 22, 2012.

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    i have had my Leo Install DVD dmg image on a Hard Drive and untouched for a month well my eMac was acting up after installing RAM and battery so i decided to restore it but now when i try the installer always fails saying it cannot get contest from "Essencials" folder or something along those lines what do i do?
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    WHat is the EXACT error you get, as "contest from essentials" is a bit vague.
    And on what medium is the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard installer?
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    Try using the actual retail disc and not a pirated version of Leopard.
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    the installer is a DMG image on a external HDD via Restore Tab
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    Leo is not a big fan of retail software as indicated in this quote of his from another forum...
    as you can see he feels it is a "pain in the ass" supporting software authors.

    'seems like nothing for Mac OS X is free i had to find cracks for Xslimmer AppDelete AND MainMenu also had to find cracks to Toast 10 and MS Office 2008 with Windows theres tons of free alternatives with mac not so much it is a pain in the ass having to hunt down a crack to EVERY non apple app i did have iWork 09 installed and cracked it but didnt see much point in its purpose or use AppleWorks was a much better program over all only thing i didnt have to crack was iLife 06'
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    While I agree that it's best to purchase software legally, Apple doesn't even sell Leopard anymore from what I recall. All that's out there for the most part are used install disks that have already been installed on a Macintosh before anyway. If anyone should be scolded it's retailers that sell disks that have already used their "licenses" for marked up prices.

    EDIT: I'm certainly not condoning pirating software, I'm just making this argument for old install disks. I'm a license holder for XSlimmer, MS Office 2008, iLife '09, and iWork '09 and proud to support those who continue to support this platform.
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    If the product you want isn't being sold anymore, of course you can borrow it from the internet. That's a no brainer. But I thought Leopard was still being supplied by Apple... I'm sure I read about it somewhere? Maybe I got things mixed up.

    Leo: Have you tried burning the image to a DVD and install that way?
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    I went into the Apple Store a couple of days ago, & walked out with a free copy of Leopard. I said I was still on Jaguar & can't find any version of OS X anywhere (which is a bit of a lie) but they said okay, we may have a copy of Leopard you can have.
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    the EXACT error i get is this:


    Mac OS X could not be installed on your computer.

    The installer could not validate the contents of "Essencials" Package Contact the software Manufacture for assistance.

    Click restart to restart your computer and try installing again."

    a fresh download of the same Leo i installed before did not fix this am i using a bad hard drive? its a old 2000 5400RPM 20.5GB HDD in a USB enclosure i did download a Slimmed Leo that does not have the Printer Drivers and can fit on a single layer DVD


    dude shut up no one cares about what was posted on a different website i left that website for a reason this one actually helps me with my issues and doesnt get on my ass


    i dont have any apple stores in my area to goto one would require a 2 hour drive and im not gonna pay over 150 bucks for a OS that only cost 129 when i was new and probably is only worth like 80 bucks today
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    You're getting that error became you're trying to use a corrupted pirated version of Leopard.
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    no i dont have any DL DVDs thats why i am using Hard Drives i have tried 4 HDDS same result i installed Leo to begin with using a hard drive so im not sure why it dont work now


    its the same version i used to install Leo on it to begin with and it ran and installed perfectly the 1st time


    i am thinking the problem could be i did not create a 8GB partition for the installer like i have done before then restore the DMG that way i know the HDDs i have used are not bad they booted and ran Ubuntu fine with no trouble
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    I suppose we can only hope that once you reach puberty you'll be mature enough to see the error of your ways.
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    Problem is all fixed just had to remove the ram i added install os x and put the ram back in i am now restoring via time machine backup!!!!!
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    i can kinda see y now apple says eMac can only handle 1GB systems not stable with 2GB
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    Mine works fine with 2Gb. When the eMac was made 1Gb sticks of ram didn't exist for the models that can take 2Gb. Thus, Apple set the limit to 1Gb of 2x512Mb.

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