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Leopard Mobile on iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iKarl, Jul 5, 2006.

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    Leopard Mobile on iPod

    *cue theories*
    **gets tinfoil hat**

    Video Link
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    Does it come with a free iGlass so you can actually see it?:confused:
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    Wow. Touch screen ipod? I want to sell mine. If thats real, that would be amazing. I'm not convinced it's real though....but it looks amazing...
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    its just a video playing with the the guy moving a stylus around like he's controlling it, and not doing a great job.
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    i think its just a video of OS X captured with a video capture program, such as snapz pro x, and then put on the ipod. after a few run throughs and rehersal it would be easy to follow the actions on the screen and make them "appear" to be controlled and executed by the stylus. ia some points, i think you can see the scrollbar move ahead of the stylus.

    and why would anybody do it anyway? the writing is tiny!


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    Mobile Leopard on Touch Screen iPod?

    I think it's fake since you can't even read the words on the websites...but that's just me
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    I'd agree that it's fake. I also don't know if it would be possible to have OS X run that smooth and an iPod unless they made it bigger to put in a faster processor.
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    I'm an idiot, I never thought of that
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    Plus, it looks like Windows XP, not OSX... Unless the Leopard Dock looks more like the Windows dock...
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    Looks like OS X to me.
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    It's OSX, but you can see that his motions aren't even that closely in synch with what's recorded on the screen. Nice idea for a fake, but pretty obvious.

    Not to mention that if Apple were going to do a touchscreen iPod, it wouldn't be with the current case anyway--no need for it.
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    I agree. He obviously rehearsed this several times to get in snc with the video, maybe not enough times. If we had a touchscreen iPod, it wouldn't look exactly like the 5G iPod, and the stylus would look way more.....Appley. :p
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    Isn't it amazing how quickly we forget about all of these fakes when the real models are introduced?
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    definitely fake.
    all this looks like to me is a video somebody made, imported it into iTunes, memorized what buttons were pressed and used some pen device to emulate it.
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    Fake. It's just a video iPod with a video someone took of doing all that.


    Because Apple has STRICT Human Interface Guidelines. Having tiny little text on a 2" screen doesn't quite meet those minimum requirements.
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    What you're seeing is not a dock or taskbar but a horizontal scrollbar on the browser.

    But yeah, it's just a video he is keeping sync with. It make me smile though. I couldn't have remembered all those movements and the timing.
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    Text way too small unless they will be doing the DS opera touch text to make bigger gig....I still call BS...

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    Imagine how impossible it would be to read that text!
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    You guys are the Pro rumour crew - I was almost hooked.
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    there's also a bit where the image scrolls up up before the guy drags up with the pen...
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    *gigglesnort* FAKE
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    I love all these fake technologies, it keeps me alert :)
  24. 4np
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    Definately a fake... if you look at the scrolling you see the stylus and the scrollbar move seperately from eachother (at some points the scrollbar is moving faster than the stylus). So... this is just a video capture of an OSX pc and played back on the iPod video...
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    definately fake how would he be connected to the internet?

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