Leopard on an eMac

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Babooshka, Aug 21, 2008.

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    I am getting a pre-owned eMac on Wednesday which has Tiger installed, and wondering if I could use the Leopard install install disks I got with my iMac to install Leopard on the eMac.

    Can I?
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    If it has a DVD drive (reader), than yes. But i would not suggest, because the eMac isn't quite fast with it's G4 CPU. I would leave Tiger on it...

    I mean, you want a fluent, decent experience by using your computer, right? Than stay with Tiger.
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    No - the Leopard install disks supplied with your iMac are machine specific and Intel only.

    A retail version of Leopard will install provided you have a fast enough eMac (1ghz or better) and, contrary to popular opinion, won't be appreciably slower than Tiger provided you max out the RAM to 1gb (the last versions would handle 2gb which is worth having).
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    The OP is asking if he can use the grey install disks that came with his iMac not a copy bought in a box. The answer is no for two reasons:

    (1) These install disks are tied to the specific models they come with

    (2) It will be an Intel version of Leopard.

    Therefore to get Leopard on the eMac the OP needs to check the stats against the minimum requirements of Leopard and to buy a boxed version of the OS.

    Edit: Tersono beat me to it.
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    Thanks alot guys.
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    Phil A.

    I think you've misread the OP's question - he wasn't asking if the eMac will run Leopard (which it will, albeit a bit slowly), he was asking if he can use the iMac restore disk to install Leopard.
    The answer to the that is no, both legally (the license on the restore disk applies only to the machine it was supplied with) and practically (an iMac restore disk won't work on an eMac)

    Edit: Beaten to it!!
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    OK, sorry than. Thanks for correcting me.
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    The iMac restore disks will work if you remove the hardware check from them. :)
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    Just to say, the eMac is a 1.33GHz, and I do plan on making it 1Gb and not 512Mb
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    Do tell!
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    Is that allowed, considering it's breaking copyright or summat?

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