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    Hi All

    I have a G4 733mhz 768MB RAM and was wondeirng if I will be able to install the OS onto this (i need to for training) using the open firmware bypass trick. I know it doesnt meet the min specs, but has anyone out there managed to do what I want to do?

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    Well, I have done the following:

    Install Mac OS X Server 10.5 on a MacBook, then created an image of the HD.
    Then I restored that image onto a Mac mini G4 1.25 GHz, 512 MB RAM, and it booted fine!
    Can't recommend it, but it does work.
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    OK I have tried that. I managed to get my G4 to boot of USB (what a pain) but was greeted with a message saying that I dont have enough RAM (gutted). Would anyone know if I can change the min RAM requirement maybe through the osinstall.mkpg hack??. I am going to try and install server to my ipod on my MBP then mirror that image to my G4 via firewire disk mode, do you think this would work?

    thanks again
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    So I did an Install of server to an external USB drive that worked fine did the whole process work great. Then I used CCC3 to clone the drive from the USB drive to my G4 (via firewire) the G4 is partitioned in the Apple partition map (the PPC one) looked like every thing went cloned fine but now when I go to boot the G4 it just sits at startup with the apple logo and grey background.

    Can anyone give any guidance as I am at my tether and so is my GF :cool:

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    Your method seems to be okay.. maybe something went wrong with CCC.

    You could try to do the following:
    Install Mac OS X Server Leopard on your internal HD of your MBP.
    Then create a Disk Image of that HD, using another Leopard volume.

    After that, boot your G4 from the Leopard Server DVD, and restore (using Disk Utility) the <BP HD image to your internal drive of the G4.
    That's the way I did it from MacBook to Mac mini G4.
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    I don't remember the minimum specs for leopard off hand, but I thought the processor had to be 800mhz+ (867 maybe?) in order to run it. Could be wrong though

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