Leopard vs Snow Leopard Res Issues

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Revels, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Hey guys..

    I got my MacMini a week or so ago. Bought it 2nd hand, set it up, all was well. Ordered Snow Leopard so didn't really use it much as I wanted to do a fresh install.

    Anyway, did it yesterday. SL now has a special Tv res option. There isn't a decent large (720x) res that you can select instead.

    Plex/Desktop all looks fine text wise. But as soon as I get a browser the text goes almost pixelated. Like the wrong res is being selected.

    Now is this because of the new tv mode or was it the same on Leopard and I just didn't notice? I don't have a Leopard install disc to try it but if any of you guys have experienced the same, then I shall buy one and try going back if it will improve things.

    This is running on a 720p Samsung Plasma.

    Any help appreciated.
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    I thought Plex / all XBMC forks weren't playing nice with Snow Leopard?
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    Plex works fine.

    The only issue is with the remote atm. If you press play/pause or whatever then it opens and then controls iTunes.

    You can get an App from the AppStore that stops the problem, just means using your iPhone/Touch.
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    How do you have it connected to you set?
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    DVI to DVI with a HDMI adaptor..
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    If your set is the same as mine then try the other hdmi port. On my set one offers limited res 720i etc but the other gives a whole range of resolutions. Think it's hdmi 2 it has audio inputs next to it.
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    Ah oki, cheers. I'll try that.

    But I think its more Snow Leopard now it has this "TV mode" thing that Apple obviously intends to help as Leopard had a wider range of available resolutions.

    I don't have the Leopard disc as otherwise I'd have just stuck that back on. But like I say, I didn't really test it previously so it might be exactly the same and it's just my imagination..
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    Leopard identifies a qualifying LCD-plasma as 720 or 1080 providing it's up to date so it's not new mate though I avoid using them in favour of the higher availible resolutions.
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    I want it at 1280x720.

    Anyone know what the tv 720p mode is?
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    1280x720 is 720p mate
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    Maybe I'm just imagining things then! lol..

    But webtext looks all blurred and naaaaaasty!

    I'll try the other HDMI port like you suggested when I get home from work.
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    720P is not a good enough resolution for small text. 720P work ok for video because t=you typicals set more then 18 inches from the screen but if you have the monitor on your desk you bneed about 1,000 lines to be able to read the smaller text. What you can do is make the font larger. The other thing is that TV sets really are not good at text. They do better with pictures.

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