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    I installed iOS 7 on my daughter's iPhone 5 tonight. I performed a restore, set it up as a new phone, and then installed iOS 7. I then did a restore from iCloud. After the initial sync it reset and started to download all of her apps and data. As that began is popped up a box as it usually does asking for our Apple ID & password. Except when it did that "lequisha@kittymail.com" was pre populated in the username field.

    She is 10 and had no idea what that was. I did a google search and found a few other people that have had this happen --> https://twitter.com/psmy/status/314253220153286656


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    If you have music on your phone that was originally downloaded by "lequisha" then you will be prompted to put her password in. It's common among people who download music from torrent websites where the original purchaser shares them.
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    umm prob an app that was downloaded illegally that some of its info stayed in the backup...


    I don't believe that is a real email ;)
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    OK thanks. I guess that makes sense. She uses Rdio for music but does have 6 songs on her phone HD. It must be one of those. Who knows where they originated.
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    Why the **** does your 10 year old have an iPhone 5? Can I be your kid too? :D
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    That just happened to me. I was syncing my phone for the first time since installing iOS 7 and got prompted that some songs couldn't be copied to the Mac because they weren't authorized. Strange since they backed up just fine under 6.13, but I went ahead and authorized my computer and saw a different Apple ID attached to them. Not lequisha, but somebody else.
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    If the songs were dl'ed on a computer and synced through iTunes...

    Open itunes and right click on the top tabs in your song list...I believe there's a tab called 'purchase date' - make sure anything with a date listed is something you bought. Otherwise - you get Laquisha'ed.
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    My dad used to have an @kittymail.com account. Why? I have no clue. But his emails were adorable.
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    interesting and kind of weird dad at the same time lol . He must have gotten very little replies w/ people thinking it was spam!


    TS email lequisha and ask her what songs lol
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    dude that was too funny. "Lequisha'd". I'm still laughing! :D
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    Haha, if you leave that email on here she might start getting messages from some strange characters...
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    You gotta update all those apps if you want to get the full iOS 7 experience!

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