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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by T-Stex, Feb 3, 2006.

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    ...about the other sizes of the MacBook Pro. I'd love to see a 13.3" widescreen version come out with Merom and comparable (or better) specs to the current MacBook Pro. Any thoughts on the possibility of this and a potential timeframe? I just cancelled my order for the 15" MacBook Pro, and need some new Merom/MacBook Pro rumors to feed my Apple Addiction.
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    dream on my friend
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    Yeah, I'm not holding my breath for anything. I'm just hoping that something gets announced in the next couple of weeks.

    I don't know if this is just wishful thinking or not, but I'd think that Apple wouldn't want to keep selling the 12" and 17" PowerBooks for too much longer while the MacBook Pro is out.
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    End of March:

    13.3" MacBook
    New Displays
    iPod stuff


    13.3" MacBook Pro Merom
    15.4" MacBook Pro Merom
    17.0" MacBook Pro Merom
    Final Cut Studio Update

    Special Pro Event:

    ProMac Conroe or Woodcrest
    MacServer Woodcrest
    Aperture updates

    That's what I reckon anyway.
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    Yeah I think Chundles has it about right. There will probably be another size of macbook, whether it be 11.2" or 12". They might add mini DVI to the macbooks and HDMI (possibly) to the pros. The pros might even have FW800 back again as a reason to go for one over a standard model.
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    I'm guessing there will be 17" MacBook Pro, however it will be interesting to see if Apple uses the Merom in it at WWDC, or releases it earlier with the performance edition of the Yonah.
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    That'd work for me. I'm hoping that I'll be able to wait until the summer, and be able to pick up a 13.3" MBP. All rumors aside, I think the next few months are going to be pretty exciting for Apple fans.
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    I'd expand that to say that 2006 will be pretty exciting for Apple fans. :cool:
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  10. EGT
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    Now, That'd be sweet. :cool:

    13.3" Macbook Pro ... *drool*.
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    Yeah, I'd love it if Apple made that. I love my 15" PowerBook, but would love something just a litte smaller for portability.
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    That sounds good, except Final Cut Studio will be at NABB as it always it, not WWDC.
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    I wouldn't be too surprised if at least the 13.3" MBP would come out sooner than that... But MacBooks come first (March-April?). I just wish that the MacBook would be Core Duo... OR that the MBP 13.3 comes out around the same time. Here's to wishful thinking.
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    Nah, righty or wrongly, I see Apple sticking the Core Solo into the new iBooks, for "product differentation" if nothing else. The only other way I could see them handling things would eb to upgrade the MacBok Pros (already, which isn't bloody likely) to the performance edition of the Core Duos, and put the existing Core Duos in the iBook. But like I said, that's not gonna happen...
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    WOEHOEEEEEE, new displays!! I'm waiting to get one!!
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    Unfortunately, Conroe will be released before Merom, with Merom being delayed into 2007 now. If Apple is planning on augmenting the MacBoko Pro line like that, they'll proably end up using the performance edition of the Yonah.
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    Yeah, there goes my plan of holding off and waiting for Merom. I'm still just hoping a 13.3" version gets released. I'd love to see the 13.3" version in a black aluminum finish.
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    I'm not sure about the black aluminum, but the 13.3" screen is likely IMO.
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    Actually I was quietly hoping that a form factor change is in the wings.. at least that's what happened the last time with the Ti -> Al transition.

    Certainly won't want to miss out if I buy now :D

    But if it turns out that the current MBP is all that's to be expected of Apple, then as soon as the 12" and 17" ones come out, I'll probably stick with the 15" :(
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    Merom has been pushed back (By [strikethrough]Intel[/strikethrough]Moron :p)

    So you'd be in for a long wait.
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    Smaller is better...

    I'd love to see them come out with a smaller format macbook. 11.2" would be awesome. I love the portability of my 12", but something even smaller would be really nice. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll hold my breath. I doubt that they'd go smaller than 12" and I'm more inclined to think that they'd go with the 13.3" that I've heard rumors of. :(
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    any guesses as to when?
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    i know 100% that the 17" macbook was in beta stage at MWSF, it'll be a tuesday announcement in a few weeks.
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    I'd say in the next couple of months, but that's just my opinion....
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    It happens to be an opinion I can live with :D Just so long as "couple of months" means 'April/May' ... I could settle for June, I suppose.

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