Link aggregation with Thunderbolt->Ethernet adapter?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by radiogoober, Jun 11, 2012.

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    What's the result of your testing? Does it support link aggregation with the internal ethernet port?
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    Yes, it does. It works fantastically. It took like three clicks in system preferences and a little configuration on my switch and it was good to go.

    It works fine through reboots, but if I power off and on I have to reconfigure one setting in my switch. But besides that, I am completely pleased.
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    Very interesting.
    Is it a 802.3ad LAG?
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    Good news after the long wait. :)
    A pity, Apple didn't supply the adapter with a second Thunderbolt port for daisy-chaining more than one adapter. So for anything faster than 2 Gbit ethernet we have to wait again for the appearance of a Thunderbolt hub at least for all Macs with a single Thunderbolt port. :-/
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    Does anybody know if it supports Jumbo Frames? I imagine there would be an uproar from some creative professionals if it didn't. Me being one of them :)
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    Hi, which switch are you using?, thanks

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    Well you didn't ask me but I use either Netgear GS748TP or GS108T-200 and they work both after the initial configuration.

    An I don't have to reconfigure anything after a reboot.

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    you should be able to save the LAG in a switch configuration so that it wont need switch configuration after a reboot.
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    Could you please post what system prefs you modified. Thanks.
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    Thanks to the OP, I just registered to ask whether it was possible to combine the internal ethernet with a Thunderbolt/Ethernet adapter. Gave it one last chance to turn up in a search and seems I used the correct search keywords and found this.

    So thanks for answering my question I never got to ask.
    Now I only need to decide what to use, a dock or the single Thunderbolt/Ethernet adapter...

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