Link issue with *.dylib on Device mode

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by ConAim, Jul 20, 2008.

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    I'm running into this issue when trying to compile with an addition system lib file *.dylib (which is also available on iPhone SDK under /usr/lib). I used Add to Framework and successfully compile and run on emulator, but when trying to switch over to Device, it ran into linking issue with the lib.

    What is the proper way to add an system *dylib?
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    You have to create a new copy build phase that will copy it to the Frameworks folder of your .app, or if there is one already then add that dylib to it.
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    Omg, it does work perfectly. Thanks!!!
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    Link issue with *.dylib on Device mode


    I have the same problem. (I'm using xos 10.5,x3.1)

    so I've created a new copy build files phase. it's created in the Targets folder. Do I need to set destination & subpath in the copy files phase info?
    in the Frameworks folder I have my dylib file.
    still I have the problem. :mad: any other advice for me??

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