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Linking email address and phone number

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by kiranmk2, Jul 29, 2012.

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    I seem to remember at the recent keynote we were shown that we would be able to link out apple ID email address with our iphone numbers so imessages would properly sync across devices. Is this option actually available in 10.8 or do we have to wait for iOS6 too?
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    I thought that too, and was informed that we must wait for iOS6 first.
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    Why would iOS 6 be required? Isn't this what the "Receive at" section of the Messages control panel does in iOS 5.1.1.?
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    That's what I thought too. I still do not have a clear answer on this myself.
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    Not until iOS6 is what I keep hearing. Although when Messages was in beta, it integrated my Apple ID with my phone number perfectly, but just after upgrading to Mountain Lion, it no longer works the way it did.
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    That's really strange. This functionality clearly exists already in iOS 5.1.1. If anything, it seems like an update to OS 10.8 might be required rather than iOS 6.
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    It's probably not only iOS/OS X dependant, but they will also need to change something behind the scenes.

    As of now, it does in fact seem like messages are being divided (for the recipient) into different discussions/chats/messages/what have you according to a device specific ID (one for the computer, one for the iPhone and so on), and not according to Apple ID or even by contact.

    My guess is that with the release of iOS 6 (and 10.8.1), messages sent from no matter which device will be identified by from which Apple ID it's being sent, i.e. being able to merge phone number and e-mail address(es).

    But I wonder if it will be possible to exclude for instance messages being sent to one's phone number to arrive at the computer...

    I have the exact same thing. With Messages beta, I got messages sent to my phone number after having entered it in my Apple ID info. Now, nothing.

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