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Linux at Walmart

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Grimace, Apr 1, 2004.

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    Is this for real or just an April Fools joke? It would be nice if Microsoft got some real competition.
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    I didn't find any Sun Linux systems, but there are Lindows systems online here.
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    I've never heard of a Sun Linux System, either. That's why I'm skeptical.
  5. jsw
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    The Java Desktop System is real. I presume the Walmart story is also real, but I can't confirm that.
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    Sun Baked

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    The story is listed on Sun's site (scroll down to 'Sun in the News'):

    They'd get into trouble with the SEC for making up a story like that.

    **EDIT: The computers are, in fact, for sale on Walmart.com... here's the LINK
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    It's true. This story has been on Ziff Davis sites for about a week and a half.
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    sounds like a super idea. get someone who's paid minimum wage to help you with your new walmart computer. i'm sure someone working at walmart is well versed in the ways of linux, no problem.

    a corporate america, rebels with out a clue.
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    Those computers are really weak in the RAM, what are you going to do with just 128MB?? Even the high end computer only has 256MB.
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    They're also $299.

    The story is noted on eWeek also. With Wal-Mart and the Chinese government going with the JDS, Sun is making itself an alternative on the desktop, even if it's yet to be a power.
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    i just wonder how many people are actually going to buy these? i mean yes its good that there is an alternative to windows, but i dont think many people will stray away from it because it is known.....
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    For that price, I might buy one just for folding@home.

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