Linux on iPod webservers!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Danrose1977, May 12, 2004.

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    The guys and I were talking at work about the linux on iPod project and considering whether Apache could be got to run on it. Currently a big issue for some webhosts is getting enough cheap machines per rack to make server room space more profitable.

    Currently the highest server/space ratio we can get is 6servers to a 3U rackspace... these are low profile cube style servers aranged back to back. 72 machines per rack at £300 per server

    If iPods could be run as minature servers we think you could get 20 per unit, therefore a 20:1 ratio (considerably better!) processing power could probably handle 10/20 sites per iPod and storage is ample.... MySQL could be run on a shared server at the base of the rack for any user requiring SQL usage. With this plan you would get a considerably better 700 machines per rack.... the boss would be really happy with that!

    PS: I know this isn't going to work.... but just imagine....
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    Why not use something like the briQ from Terra Soft Solutions?
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    Price per unit:

    briQ 750FX (G3), 700MHz, 256MB, 20GB: $1245.00 + Shipping
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    What's the processing power of an ipod? Certainly it can't be that good medium-sized website.
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    Heh. Completely overlooked the price. :rolleyes:

    As far as the iPod solution, I agree that if you could get it to work, it would be slow. Probably not much improvement over fewer, more powerful machines.
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    Actually, from what I can gather, the iPod uses a 133MHz processor, which isn't too bad for a device starting at $249. However, the cost to performance ratio would be worse than an XServe.
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    133MHz processor??? I think the iPod has a 10-20 MHz processor in there and then an audio decoder chip.

    The new isssue of Mac Addict has a Mini taken apart and you can see the product number on the processor.

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    the iPod has a 133 MHz processor and the mini uses an asic with dual 80MHZ processor cores.

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