Lion 11A459e - No Java at all

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by igomd, May 18, 2011.

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    Hey mates, I started at Snow 10.6.7 and did all updates till the last Lion 11A459e, but there is no Java on system update.
    Already tried Java in terminal and was not luck.

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    Yeah Apple deprecated it last October.
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    Although Java doesn't come pre-installed on Lion, the first time you try to run a Java executable or run the Java compiler, you should be given a prompt to download the Java Runtime / SDK from Software Update. If you aren't seeing this, something is wrong. It's been this way since the first developer preview of Lion.
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    If that does not work for the OP, just download from Apple.
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    Yes, I do know, but Java used do be available on Lion through System Update, what isn't happening on this last update, I have no Java at all.
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    thks dude, I thought that a had to pay, but I got it without a "paid dev account"
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    Mr. Retrofire


    I think i can help you!

    Java for 10.7 DP (Update from 13. May 2011):

    Java Essentials
    Java Runtime For Mac OS X 10.7

    Install both packages!

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    When I installed Lotus Notes I got pthe pop up from software update. All is good.
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    I HAve Installed Both Packages And Java Works
    Anytime I Use My Keyboard While A Java Application Is Running, The Applications Stops And It Gives Me An Error
    Also When i Go To Java Preferences The Same Exact Thing Happens

    Please Help

    Thanks Guys
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    Don't download and install Developer-only OS Previews if you're not a developer. Problem solved.

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