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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by bushido, Feb 16, 2012.

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    so now that the first preview of Mountain Lion is out, what bugs did u come across with?

    spotlight doesnt seem to work, only suggests web search on my end

    notification settings in the control panel are a mess

    iStat Pro widget isnt working :p

    mission control preview pics on the top are low res with lots of pixel
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    ive seen afew bugs most noticable is
    i cant do a backup to my time capsule saying date and time incorrect
    cant access backup from the time machine app
    i did a fresh install and when i went and restored data from the time capsule the computer paniced.
    thats all ive noticed at the moement.
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    It seems that Notification Center's alerts are cycling through all 21,036 emails in my Gmail inbox. Dismissing them individually is getting somewhat tiring.
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    Guys, it's fine you posting the bugs here, but please also submit them here:

    Otherwise don't complain that they don't get fixed.
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    None of you guys has problems with spotlight or with file search in general from finder search bar?
    I find I can't make a search in sub folders and the results delivered are total, what I mean is that I can't, for instance, narrow my search clicking a specific folder or volume ...
    Anyone reports the same?
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    iStat Pro (Me Too)

    I was just about to post that iStat Pro Widget stopped working for me too here, lol. Coincidence that we both use it.

    Spotlight works fine for me.

    In the new built-in photo selector, the sections, Faces and Defaults aren't ready yet.


    The Defaults section doesn't work yet cause you can't select any Default Pictures.


    I hope to god they integrate this built-in Photo selector to be used in Safari and other Web Browsers, like you can use the Photo Browser to just select a Photo on iOS. Instead on Mac, you have to load the entire Finder Window, then have to find the Photo you want which is either in Finder Folders, or within the built-in iPhoto side-pane, than u have to look for which album or event its in, and thats if you even make it to there, its so unstable that most Web Browsers are crashed by this horrible interface.


    Hey, this site works even if you don't have a registered Mac Dev Account, didn't know that.
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    Safari not properly loading images which needs a refresh (or two)

    Software update which keeps showing the same possible updates even if they've been downloaded already

    Most of 3rd party dashboard widgets are not functional namely currency converter and iclip lite

    others will follow...
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    - Notification Center went white and I was forced to reinstall

    - iCloud doesn't work, just tells me i can't login for some unknown reason. The reinstall didn't solve it.
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    - Anyone reporting the same problems with Safari and loading pictures?

    - Search from finder search bar is malfunctioning: if search setting in finder preferences is set to "search this Mac" you cannot narrow the search by clicking a folder to search in THAT folder...
    a workaround I've found is to go to finder preferences and set "search current folder" if you just want to search a particular location
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    cocky jeremy

    Notification Center doesn't work for me. I've yet to get a single notification.
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    My notification works fine except the icon in the menu bar lights up even when there are no new notifications.

    Messages is the biggest problem. Can't contact people on iOS message and can't send/receive files.
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    Got this bug where I can't lock my Energy Saver settings under System Preferences. It always unlocks itself after I close sys prefs. My brightness will fluctuate because of this.
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    cocky jeremy

    Weird. A restart fixed the Notification Center bug for me. My menubar icon doesn't "light up" or change when i get a notification, though.
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    Low Res Icons

    For some reason new Apps that I download, and Apps that I update using Low Res Version of their icons. Whether it be Apps that I downloaded from The Mac App Store or from online, for some reason their icons that are shown everywhere for all the Apps that I've recently downloaded or updated are using low-res icons. This has gone on and off twice so far. Heres some screenshots.





    But strangely the icons are fine when in Finder.


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    I consider this a bug.

    If you have no notifications enabled why is the Notifications icon still on the top bar? If its not being used then it has no reason to be there.

    To me its the BIGGEST bug with ML as I like to keep my desktop and menus/icons functional and to me it stands out as something useless that I'm forced to have in front of me.

    I can feel it sitting there... mocking me.

    that and the huge space on either side of the Spotlight icon.
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    I have a bug in which sometimes I can't type in safari.
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    I have a bug where I get a graphics glitch sometimes when loading Youtube videos where the loading bar should be. I also get a graphics glitch when loading up the Top Sites page.

    I have also been getting a frequent amount of errors in loading with images in Safari. I can replicate the bug by swiping back and forth with the gesture between pages and it'll give me the bug right before the page (any page) loads.

    I have also been getting a bug where Safari won't let me type.

    iStat doesn't work in Widgets

    I've reported most of these....
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    If you don't have a registered Mac Dev Account this means you pirated OS X Mountain Lion and installed it (illegal). Thus you should NOT be using Mountain Lion.
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    Noticed that sometimes it shows the notifications, then randomly they'll go away...then later on come back! - also, is the top icon supposed to be red when there is a new notification? I haven't seen it look any different. (Might have read it wrong somewhere else though).

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    ive noticed from time to time my top menu bar goes black... sometimes it fixes its self sometimes i have to reboot.
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    Apple Wouldn't Let Me

    No I didn't pirate it, I had downloaded the Beta's of it before the final release of it was released. And I actually went to a whole lot of trouble just so I could get the $30 to actually pay for it to support Apple when they released it, but Apple for some reason didn't let Devs and other people who did the beta to pay for it for some reason. So I wanted to pay for it, but Apple wouldn't let me.


    It's not Mocking u, lol. Just use the Keyboard Shortcut Command Space to use Spotlight, or whatever shortcut u have it set to. I actually changed my shortcuts, Command Space is for Mission Control, Option SPace for Notification Center, and Control Space for Spotlight.
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    I do use the short cut, its really an ascetic problem.
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    Lol I'm not a fan of notifications either. It really bums my eremitic lifestyle.
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    cocky jeremy

    One thing: OCD.

    You have it, dude. lol. :D
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    After closing the lid and putting the MacBook to sleep, when I open the lid to continue work the Wifi is disconnected and will not restart as before the update. I need to reboot to reengage the Wifi. :mad:

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