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List of Things Compatible With Camera Connection Kit

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by AppleiPad, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Let's start a master list for everything that works with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit USB Adapter
    The sources for each item are given below

    Official List:

    USB Keyboards

    Standard USB Headsets

    Griffin iMic - Stereo out, mic, and line all work
    Source: Post #28 (Daremo)
    To see product: Griffin Website

    Handheld Camcorders
    • Flip Mino HD - Imports videos but does not play them back (records in MP4)
      YouTube: Credit DetroitBORG
    • Camcorders recording in Motion JPEG work flawlessly


    USB Flash Drives - with DCIM (pics) folder
    Source: Post #20 (azcoyote)

    Card Readers
    • Sony Memory Stick Card Reader
      Source: Post #37 (OsageCowboy)
    • Verbatim 15-in-1 memory card reader
      Source: Post #39 (FunkyJunk)

    What has been tested and DOES NOT work:

    Portable Hard Drives (Unpowered and Powered)
    YouTube: Credit DetroitBORG

    USB Flash Drives - with data only
    YouTube: Credit DetroitBORG

    Some Cameras
    • Canon HD - Record to Tape
      Source: Post #3 (stealthman1)

    Other Cell Phones
    • Blackberry Curve 8300
      Source: Post #3 (stealthman1)

    MacBook Air Ethernet Adapter
    Source: Post # 18 (stealthman1)

    What HAS NOT been tested yet:

    • USB Speakers
    • USB Keyboard (further testing is required)

    Please comment below with things you have tested or suggestion to be added to the not yet tested list.
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    Excellent, thanks for compiling!
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    IPhone video imports and plays in orientation video started at.

    Canon HD video (tape) not recognized.

    Nikon D3 imports RAW file and displays attached preview jpeg at good resolution. Transfer RAW file to Adobe LR when iPad connected to computer.
    Imports and displays TIFF file at full resolution. Transfers TIFF to LR.

    Leica M9 - imports DNG file, but displays attached preview jpeg at poor resolution.
    Imports DNG+jpeg, displays jpeg with good full resolution (4x capable)
    Transfers DNG file to LR.

    Blackberry Curve 8300 - not recognized.:D
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    A section listing compatible and incompatible USB card readers would be useful. I've read others are finding success connecting card readers to the USB camera adapter. I tried an older SanDisk ImageMate CF compact flash reader (Model SDDR-91). It doesn't work with the USB camera adapter. This particular model is several years old. Perhaps SanDisk's newer card readers will work.
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    Does anyone know if you can shoot with a DSLR tethered?
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    I don't think so - the adapter puts the camera into "mass storage" mode, so it looks like an external hard disk, and the camera will not shoot in this mode.

    Seconded - I have a fairly recent SanDisk USB CF card reader, so I'd like to know if it works.
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    Damn, that would be awesome if it could.
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    I find it interesting that this thing supports USB audio. Apparently, it's been tested with USB headphones and microphones with good results.

    I imagine apps could also use this for musical instruments.

    As I understand it, before if you wanted to tune, let's say a guitar, you were limited to using the mic input. Now you could create apps that record and send audio just like with a computer.

    Looks like this has some possibilities.
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    I just tested nearly all the iPods, and you can import videos from a 5th gen nano and photos from the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch caused some confusion so I had to generate a correction video for the iPod Touch. You can only import videos and photos created on the iPod or iPhone. And since I had no original content on an iPod Touch, it didn't work. But once I tried some screen grabs and saved photos from the web, the iPad discovered those when connected and I was able to import them from the Touch. Videos or Photos imported to the gallery from other devices are not transferable. Interesting restriction!

    Connecting iPods.
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    I would really love to find out if the MacBook Air Ethernet adapter works. The WiFi is broken at my office desk! =(
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    I'd love to test it, but that is one Apple device I don't have ;)

    I think it's very safe to assume that the software support is simply not going to be there.
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    Just did some more testing with a different USB card reader and the USB camera adapter.. I went to Best Buy (after my Coyotes beat up on the Detroit Red Wings in Game 6) :D and purchased a Rocketfish USB 2.0 High Speed SDHC/Compact Flash Card Reader. I needed a newer CF card reader as my Vaio notebook lacks a compact flash slot and the older model SanDisk CF card reader I've had for years doesn't support UDMA and is way too slow. I had tested the older SanDisk CF reader with the USB camera adapter yesterday and couldn't get it to work as the device "requires too much power" according to the popup error that came up on my iPad.
    When I tested the new Rocketfish card reader with the USB adapter, I again got the "USB device requires too much power" popup error. The Photo app did start up, but the CF card would not mount. Bummer! Another fail!
    Out of curiousity, I performed one more test. This time, I plugged the Rocketfish card reader into a Dynex powered USB hub and plugged the hub into the iPad USB camera adapter (no other USB devices plugged into the hub). It worked! No "requires too much power" popup error and I was able to import photos from the card reader. Of course this powered USB hub workaround doesn't do me much good as it's not very portable. I don't want to have to carry around a powered USB hub which requires being near a AC power plug. I might as well just plug my Canon 7D directly into the USB adapter for transferring photos to my iPad.
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    Excellent info, so now we know a powered USB hub might change the dynamics of connecting certain devices. Have you tried an external portable drive?
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    That is a very impressive collection!

    I agree, this is unlikely because it requires drivers that the iPad most likely does not have.
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    I just tested the Griffin Simplifi Dock as a universal card reader for the iPad and it does work. I was able to import photos from a Sony Memory Stick.


    Keep in mind that the Griffin Simplifi is a powered dock and USB hub. Others have reported that the unpowered universal card readers won't work with the iPad because "The USB Device Requires Too Much Power".

    Using the powered USB hub, I was also able to use the Apple USB keyboard after dismissing only one "This USB device is not compatible" message. They did not reappear as they did in the unpowered demo. A demo video is also coming.
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    I'm curious about the MacBook Air ethernet adapter. I doubt it'll work but still interested.
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    It seems as if the limiting factor to a lot of these accessories is that the iPad can only give very limited power to devices. Cameras have their own power, as do powered USB hubs and card readers, and this is why they work.

    I also think that devices that require additional power should not be included to the list because the main advantage is portability, and requiring a power adapter means this advantage is lost.
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    MBA Ethernet adapter - nothing, nada, zip. 1st gen MP doesn't see iPad either.
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    Dammit Cubs

    I'm curious if developers can take advantage the camera connection kit and read it as file management into something like Good reader.
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    I tested the USB camera adapter with a 16GB USB flash drive plugged into a powered USB hub. My iPad was able to import photos from the DCIM folder contents I had copied onto the flash drive from an SDHC card. No popup errors. My next test will be a 500GB Western Digital My Passport portable USB drive as soon it's finished reformatting as FAT32.

    update: No luck trying to read from the WD My Passport 500GB external USB hard drive, even with the powered USB hub. iPad pops up the error, "Attached USB device is not supported".
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    Thanks for all your help on this thread azcoyote. Can I ask you, did the external HDD have a DCIM folder? If not, could you try again after creating one?

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    Yes, I had copied the same DCIM folder to both the USB flash drive and external HDD.
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    Great thread... I'll have to keep in eye on this for later.
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    Forgot to mention I also successfully tested yesterday a full-size HP wireless USB keyboard with the USB adapter. The keyboard is powered with AAA batteries and uses a USB IR receiver that I plugged into the USB camera adapter. I did initially get a warning popup that the device wasn't supported, but it worked fine anyway with no further popup warnings.
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    Just had a thought...

    Maybe Apple should allow support for webcams with the camera adaptor.

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