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Discussion in 'iPad' started by jedivulcan, Mar 21, 2011.

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    I checked the online inventory checker for Target and a location close by had them and confirmed them as being available at the store. I got there and saw one guy walk out with bags of them. I got to the back counter and the electronics clerk said that I just missed them and he sold the only three 16gb black iPads to the gentleman that I saw walking out the door. The clerk then told mentioned they were in short supply and they might not get any more in for a while. He said there wasn't any policy about selling them in quantity to one person... I said literally said ******** and walked out.

    It was at the Peachtree City, GA Target store.

    Am I being sore? Should I complain to the local manager or corporate?

    This happened to be about 30 minutes ago. You'd think they'd have a policy abou selling their entire stock to just ONE person. The guy was alone. I would have had one if they would have had a 1-2 person personal limit... for other customers.
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    Feb 19, 2008
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    First come first serve.. just take it as a L... But it should be two per person on a global concensus.
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    I don't work at Target, but I have worked retail when I was a kid. I am the last one to defend poor service received but those vests or shirts that they are mandated to wear while on duty isn't a sign that says "beat me"

    If the guy hadn't been told there was a limit to sell which is possible of course, than does telling him off like that make things better on either end?

    I'm sorry to hear it happened, I have been having it happen daily for the last week, but as annoyed as I have been, you are almost certain that guy will not be going out of his way to make sure you get one.
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    I called the manager and she said it was five per guest and that they aren't receiving them in bulk. So I asked why there was a limit if they're only receiving them three at a time.

    It's just bad form.
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    I wasn't really directing it at him. It's just my frustration. The guy barely had his head on his shoulders. He made a comment about how he wanted to snag one after his shift.

    I would have bought one for myself and arranged something for him to buy it off me at what I paid for it.

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