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locally hosted web server Static IP address cost v dynamic DNS cost?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by infobleep, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Hi there

    I have recently purchased 6 domain names, 4 of which will eventually point to 1 locally hosted web site and the other 2, to 2 different locally hosted web sites. So 3 web sites, 6 domain names. They are not commercial businesses as such.

    I currently have a dynamic IP address and I have been looking into free dynamic IP address Web Sites, including those which also offer paid services. They are all American because I couldn't find any UK companies offering the service. :(

    My current ISP is O2 and if I want a static IP address it would cost me £60 a year. However it seems if I want to use the services of some of these companies, they charge per domain name and given I have 6, the costs soon equal £60 if not more.

    So is there a cheaper way of doing this than a £60 static IP address?

    Kind regards
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    I use DynDNS, for something like $25 per year. It allows me to manage my own DNS records, with unlimited hostnames. I have about a dozen, most of them pointing to my home server. I set up two A records, mydomain.com and mail.mydomain.com (your MX records must point to A records, not CNAMEs), and CNAME the various other hostnames to the mydomain.com A record. My primary server is a Mac Mini Server; I use Apache's reverse proxy function to direct each hostname to the appropriate server and port on my network. I use DynDNS's Unix client software on the Mac Mini to update my two A records when my ISP changes my IP address (which happens rarely).
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    Thank you for your reply. Since I posted here, someone at work suggested make use of CNAMES just as your suggesting. I'll read up on them and how it all works and do just that.

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    Are these sites going to be anything more than just static pages?
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    Analog Kid

    Keep in mind that you can't virtual host https sites. You can overlay as many http sites as you'd like on one IP address (static or dynamic) but https needs its own IP.

    Not sure if you're doing anything that would require that.
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    That is really useful to know because I am currently using https. However it isn't a requirement going forward.
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    I use ZoneEdit at www.zoneedit.com to manage my websites (A record, CNames, MX...) and i use DNSUpdate at www.dnsupdate.org to update Dynamic IP address on my MacMini Server. it work very well.

    Using Godaddy for my SSL certificate server.xxx.com to able me to use https for profile manager.

    I just did a clean install of Mountian Lion 10.8 on my server, and its all compatible

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