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LockScreen Message problem

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Jednoreki, Sep 22, 2013.

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    Hi guys,
    I have a problem with my lock screen messages, when I get text message I don't see my wallpaper, just black screen with notification. I'm gonna upload a pic. Does anyone know how to change that????

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    Do you have an iPhone 4?

    For the iPhone 4S and above, that's a dark frosted glass -- you can barely see the background behind that.

    The iPhone 4 has no transparency though.

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    No, that's from iPhone 5
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    Then definitely not normal.

    Unless you have a solid (or mostly solid) colored background?
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    No, I have a picture and it was good for a while but it suddenly became a black...
    Is there any solution ?
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    Bug, I guess. There's many of those in iOS 7. :/
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    How to get rid of that? Any way?
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    Do you have increase contrast on in Settings? Or is your wallpaper just a solid color?
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    I would do a fresh restore via iTunes. Connect your phone to iTunes, back up, transfer purchases, then hit Restore.

    It will restore your OS to factory settings, then you can apply the backup.

    This fixes many bugs, and it may fix this as well.
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    I found the problem, I had Increase Contrast ON. Thank you for you help guys!!!
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    I'm wondering why they have to waste space and put the "Slide to Reply" line. I thought the simplification of OS7 was about realizing people didn't need certain cues to any more to use a phone.
    Slide? Really? Duh.
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    I'm having second thoughts about it too, I'm not so sure if all of those changes they did are really easier to use... Beside multitasking.
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    yup, increase contrast kills all transparency effects.
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    You'd be surprised. In the earlier betas the control center bar was an up arrow and people I gave my phone to would try to swipe up to unlock it.

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