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Logic 9 - no tune feature :(

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by musio, Jul 23, 2009.

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    Cubase has it, great feature for in the mix fixing of vocals, bass, etc. Is it me or did others think Logic 9 would have this?
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    Auto-tune type effect? Logic 8 has that...
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    hows about you learn to play/sing. instead of relying on a one button step thing to fix it.

    by the way logic has a pitch correction tool, its just not as hi-tek as the one on cubase 5. but if you need it that much go to cubase 5 kido
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    By your presumptions it would suggest you are talking from a casual logic home user point of view and you have forgotten about us that record bands for a living or just make some money out of it. Kids these days are not pitch perfect and in order to give them a good product which they come in the studio for, using the 'melodyne' feature in cubase 5 has saved me money, time and allowed me to give the client what he/she asked for. Ethics aside, it's a tool that sequencers are competing with their feature specs.

    Your opinions on on singing is irrelevant - why did logic include flex time? shouldn't people just play in time too?

    Maybe i'll be sticking with cubase 5 for the serious work and see if i can upgrade logic for the home setup.

    EDIT: Maybe i should have changed swapped the word 'tune' for 'melodyne' esq feature in the thread title.
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    Be it so, i suppose im just not that content with the lack of talent in todays musicians, nothing personal on you. and as for flex time, yeah its also a "one button" solution type of thing, and although it will come handy at times, it just really struck me how easy there making things, but nuff complaining i guess. There handy tools, but should be used as tools not rely totally on them.

    curious to know how is the home engineering business at the moment? are that many clients asking for melodyne/auto-tune?
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    Sure thing fellow macrumourian :cool: I'm disappointed with the lack of talent too..auto-tune pitch perfect, over quantize...hell, even quantize itself could be one of the roots of evil! Then again we wouldn't have all this wonderful dance music and new styles of music without these tools... but this is a whole other thread to debate these interesting points! ;) Live music is where 'it's at' for me, as they say...

    Sequencing's many great features, even 'home' soundcards have had an impact on the people who run studios, i know too well... Still, this is where it's all going. I know more clients who won't book a session without 'autotune' that is scares me. It's the fashion to slap it on at the moment and kill the life of a song. I just posted in another thread i can't belive you can get all this power in a box for $499....totally amazing...
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    yea totally! great tools like i said, but this auto-tune everything to hell thing, is just too much! especially since most its users are the teens/young adults of my generation.

    I wonder if logic 9 did update the pitch shifter it used to have, maybe there just not advertising it, as much as other features?

    and yes, $499 for all that is amazing, i wonder if college students can get this logic studio for $150 like you could with the logic 8
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    IMO I think it was a mistake for Cubase to include an Auto-tune plug-in. I no longer can stand auto tune even when it is used correctly (Which is not the case 80% of the time).

    If you taking about a tuner. Well that's under the "Imaging" folder if I remember right.
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    Hey great news for ya, so apperantly logic's new flex time, has some sort of sort of features to manipulate, time and tempo AS WELL as pitch, some early buyers report.

    check it out


    maybe logic will be all you need now?
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    Odd advice to be giving to a recording engineer. Singing is not really part of the job description.

    Melodyne can integrate with Logic if you don't like Logic's own pitch corrector.
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    i skimmed though and didn't see much... i'm not optimistic as Apple would have REALLY pushed this feature.

    What i'm looking for is inbuilt Variaudio: http://www.steinberg.net/en/product...ubase5_newfeatures/cubase5_newfeatures_2.html
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    Yeah i didnt know before hand he was a recording engineer. he said he was one afterwards, so thanks for repointing that out :rolleyes:

    and they were talking about logic having a "built in mini melodyne" on a forum so maybe they have updated it.
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    yeah you want that ability to edit audio as if it were midi right? i suppose its not exactly in logic 9 as a counterpart of variaudio, but i guess when you buy youll find out if what it offers suits you for your work.
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    Melodyne works very well with Logic and the new Bounce in Place feature should make working with both even faster.
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    If you're doing it for a living you probably own both auto-tune and melodyne like most of us. No biggy.
    We PTHD users get even less pitch correction than Logic, by the way.

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