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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by xJulianx, Dec 14, 2006.

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    Okay so I'm having a few issues.

    I seem to only be able to get 4 audio tracks available, and 4 audio instrument tracks available. I'm pretty sure theres a maxiumum of 8 available with Logic Express.

    Could somebody shed some light onto this matter for me? Thanks.
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    There are way more than 4.

    Run the logic setup assistant and set more audio tracks available. I'm not sure if anyone has an easier way of doing this?
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    it's a setting in the preferences

    you need to drag the slider to allow for more tracks

    you'll find it
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    Okay I went through the setup assistant, I've always been telling it that I will add external stuff like MIDI controller, mixer etc later because I don't have them yet.

    This time I said that I have them connected and it then gave me the option to change the maximum amount of audio and audio inst tracks, I couldn't finish the setup assistant because Logic couldnt find any of my devices because they werent there, but yes, I think my problem is solved.

    Thanks guys.

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