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Logic multi track recording

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Dtorre, Feb 28, 2010.

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    I want to record individual drum tracks... I.E. track 1-Snare 2- kick etc...

    so i know i need to purchase a multi track recorder to accomplish this, but the question is WHICH ONE!? haha, i heard that if i get the Korg D3200 i can use the usb connection to drag and drop the files on to my computer and i figure i'll do my mixing on Logic... (is my reasoning correct?) also is there a cheaper option?

    i figure i need at least 6 XLR inputs to record a minimal drum set...

    i hope i'm not sounding like a noob... I just really want to avoid having the whole drum set one one track.

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    Hi ,

    first of all, how large is your budget (what price range) ?
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    Logic is also a recorder, you don't need a dedicated hardware recorder. what you do need is a multi-channel analog/digital converter; there are plenty of 8-channel firewire ones. i'd suggest looking at Presonus for a start.
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    Why not record directly to Logic? You'd need an audio interface with the required number of microphone preamps. You'd be much better off using Logic and a computer.
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    My budget is about $1000. I was un aware that logic (8 is what i have) could record more than one live instrument at a time... can someone please explain how to do this?
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    recording drums in logic

    well ive heard to record drums in logic im porbably gonna need a preamp interface type thing.....well is there anyway to get that same single track recording through a mixer...if so what type and brand....and one more question....if i wanna do this recording in logic do i juss make one audio track??? help please anybody
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    What you really want is an audio interface with as many inputs as you have microphones. Then you can record those tracks in Logic (Or Garage Band)

    If the interface has fewer inputs than you have Mics then you can use an external mixer. Thebrand of mixer does not meter, chose any that you like. then the mixer's output goes to the line-in on you audio interface.

    But it is far better to record all those tracks
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    Yeah, it's possible to do it through a mixer. You just have to find a mixer that has a digital audio out like USB or Firewire. Again, I'd go with FW over USB because of the higher bandwidth. Here's an example:


    You would create one mono audio track for each microphone you're recording.

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