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logic pro 7

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by twoodcc, Dec 11, 2005.

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    sorry it was late last night when i posted that about logic. what i meant to say was is there any hardware connection or anything hardware-wise that comes with logic, or works with logic?
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    Difficult to answer:

    Logic is software only, does not come with hardware

    Most any Mac-compatible audio interface will work with Logic -- there are way to many to list, and we can't make recommendations without knowing what yu already have and what you plan to do with it. Check with these manufacturers: M-Audio, Edirol, Mackie, Focusrite, Tascam, Yamaha and Presonus for starters.

    For more information specifically on Mac audio applications, see the excellent forum MacMusic http://www.macmusic.org/

    I recommend that you study up on some of the basics with books and magazines before making a decision. Hit the library and read anything written by Craig Anderton. Good magazines to read are: Sound on Sound, Recording, Electronic Musician, Keyboard, Future Music, Computer Music, Mix. They often have articles on interfaces, how to record acoustic instruments, and microphone selection.
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    thanks for the reply. that helped quite a bit
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    is there any good guides for logic express or pro? i want to read some so i can see what i can do with it
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    In this case, I'd have to say that probably: Google is your friend™
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    thanks, i should have thought of that
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    but any tips on it would be great. i'm wondering how to import an mp3 file. i read that you can do it. could you take a real song and take the vocals out for karaoke?
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    MP3's can be imported from the Import Audio menu.

    There is no way to remove vocals from a standard stereo track with any degree of success, you'd need access to the multi-track masters for that.
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    oh ok. i thought there might be some effect that you could do. i know adobe audition for windows can do it (it's doesn't completely remove the vocals on every song, but it makes it where you can barely hear it). oh well
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    There are tricks you can do like cancelling the centre of the stereo image (on the theory that the lead vocals are centered) although this will also lose the bass, drums, or any other instrument that is also in the centre, and EQ to cut out the vocal range frequencies (also damages the sound of the other intruments). Audition is doing some combination of the above. But you cannot 'remove' a single track from a stereo file.
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    could you give me a walk-through on how to do that? i'd really like to know, cuz karaoke would be great for the holidays. if you have time, or could direct me to instructions

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    Please, please, learn to use Google for your own research, it will do you much more long-term good than asking others to do it for you.

    Google "Remove Vocals" search results
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    thanks. yeah, you are right, i just thought you might know how yourself. but you are right, i do need to do research myself. but to me, asking the right people is research, right?

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