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Logic Pro 9 Or ProTools?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Vitiri, Dec 12, 2012.

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    I am switching from a PC to my first iMac ever.
    I have been using Sonar for recording and mixing tracks since the beginning.

    Now that i will have an iMac, I already purchased Apogee Duet 2 and now I need to make a choice between Logic and PT.

    Can anyone recommend which one is better for recording/mixing/effects between these DAWs?

    Keep in mind, my focus will be on recording and mixing vocals.

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    I have not used ProTools, but it costs $700 and Logic Pro is $200. :) Depending on your needs, you might even find that GarageBand is good enough and it is free with every Mac. Logic can also open GarageBand files.

    I am happy with Logic myself, but my needs are pretty modest.
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    I don't think that theres a huge difference between them other then GUI

    both come with good plugs to get you going and both are reasonably easy to get your head around (Obviously theres still a learning curve with everything).

    I'd say go with logic just based on price.

    But see if you know anyone with them and have a play around on both, see which you prefer.
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    I tend to use Logic more for sequencing and composition when I don't do it straight on my keyboard workstation. I find that Pro Tools works better for me for mixing and editing.
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    Thanks all for your help.
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    Exactly what he said. If you do a lot of tracking bands, etc, you'll learn to hate Logic Audio. The automation is 2nd rate and the audio editing... oy.

    For writing via virtual instruments and midi, Logic hands down. You'll learn to hate PT for its' lack of depth here.
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    So in my case, for audio editing/mixing, i should go with PT then!

    Great! i thought i was gonna get away with a 200$.
    Thanks for the input!
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    if you're looking for votes, i say PT. if you're looking for advice, i say you should try both and see which one fits your workflow better.

    they're both extremely capable, but work differently from one another.
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    i would give cubase or pro tools a try. logic 9 has been very buggy for me on ML
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    I came from Sonar too and I find Logic to be much more intuitive than Pro Tools was. Also you didn't ask this but Pro Tools sucks at keeping up with mac updates... they always take forever to get up and running with the latest OS. That probably isn't that big of a concern for you but as someone who loves being on the cutting edge I find it annoying.
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    PT releases are typically very stable. their target audience is still pro's who value stability over being current. so they take their time verifying against osx updates. yes, it's too long for some, but imho most don't care.

    heck, until earlier this year i was still running PT7 on Tiger.
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    Pro Tools is definitely more efficient at audio editing and mixing. Are you a student? Avid gives academic discounts.
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    Jessica Lares

    I prefer Pro Tools too. I find it easier to work with than Logic.
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    I prefer protools because I have been using it for so long but you also have to consider this.

    Your ui is only as good as your interface. If the extra 500$ cuts into your interface budget that's not good. On a side note even a decent interface can sound good now even in poorly setup rooms but ultimately a good band will track better on garage band than a bad band in protools.

    I would opt for protools if I didn't have to sacrifice my interface budget but at the same time don't max your budget out either way because there are lots of peripherals to buy as well.
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    OP says he has already purchased a Apogee Duet 2 interface. ;)
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    I don't need the setup to record bands nor instruments, this is only needed for vocals. Record/Edit/Mix vocals.

    I just recently ordered the iMac 27" (2012) fully loaded i7, 1TB Fusion, 680MX, which should arrive Jan 2-8. I also purchased Apogee Duet 2 Interface for recording only vocals.

    I most likely will be able to get the Student discount for PT, so the price shouldn't be a factor...however I do want to chose the better DAW for my needs and stick with learning and using it.

    So far i'm leaning towards PT, but i just wanted to see if anyone has been using Logic/PT for vocal/mixing/editing and wanted to get an idea how well it works.

    Thank you all,
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    I have no problems doing the above in Logic. Results will be perfectly fine. However, if i was doing it day in, day out, i'd prefer to do it in PT simply because it's faster/easier. The editing tools are more efficient.

    Do you have a local music store you can go to, with a vocal .aiff or .wav, and spend some time at a workstation screwing about? The places around here wouldn't mind. Go on a slow day and they'll probably walk you through it on both pieces of software, helping you in your decision.
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    Thank you Spoonie! That's what i wanted to know, and yes i will be working with this app day in, day out.

    I do have guitar center near by, maybe i'll go check it out.

    Thanks for everyone's inputs, much appropriated it. :)
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    Definitely check with your local Guitar Center. They have free DAW workshops on a regular basis and should have some nice systems in the store.
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    also check out the apple store. if any local ones are like the big one in Chicago, they'll do presentations on Logic.

    i went to one some years ago, when i was thinking of switching. i was the only one who showed up, so the guy was kind enough to do a one-on-one. i learned a lot more about how Logic works these days (indeed, my own copy was from the emagic days). my conclusion was that i still liked PT workflow better.

    imho, workflow is king.
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    Like others said for day in day out use protools is a good choice but there is that added cost.

    For vocals I had really good results with the focusrite Safire/Scarlett series. They sound great, came with protools and work well. The only downfall is the number of inputs you get.
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    If you have software you are using at the moment, maybe use that until Logic X hits so you can make your mind up. Reaper is free and pretty good for the price :cool:
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    Well Reaper isn't really free... $60 for the discounted license or $225 for the full commercial license.



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