Logic Pro X (When ????)

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by muziksculp, Jul 17, 2012.

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    So.... When will Logic Pro X be finally released ? It has been a long time since LP9 was released, almost three years I'm guessing.

    Any new rumors as to when it will show up on the App. Store ?

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    I'm starting to think Logic Pro X will be released when the G5 PowerBook comes out.... Seriously
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    Good question. Emailed Steve, emailed Tim and nothing....they're not even acknowledging the audio industry with any comments.

    Apple store is down today so fingers crossed.
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    It might be relevant that Apple just put up this Logic 9 promo piece. I'd be surprised if Apple did that soon before releasing the next iteration.

    I think even acknowledgement might be too much to ask of the former.
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    Apple bought Redmatica at the end of May so it could take some time to work Redmatica's tools into Logic.

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