logic studio on powerbook?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by scrub0bk, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Hi, im new to the music creation with logic, but im really looking to get into it bigger. im going to be purchasing a keyboard and drum pad soon to start creations. would it be possible for logic studio to be run on a powerbook? say a 1.5ghz one? or would i need to go the MBP route?

    thanks alot
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    Logic 8 should run fine on a PowerBook...
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    Should run fine? I'm in the same situation. We're a poor band, and we are using Cubase SE 1.07 and a Phonic Helix Firewire18. I know it is not the sounding system, but it serve our needs for demo recording.

    However, we sould like to upgrade the software and Logic Express 8 seems like a good choice (plugins in Cubase don't sound very good) I have a Powerbook G4 15", 1.5Ghz, 1.5Gb RAM, and a LaCie External HDD FW800 (5400 rpm). How Logic performance would be? How many simultaneous will allow?
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    You might even want to try Garageband for demoing, its free. =)
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    How is it recording with a 5400rpm drive? Any dropouts? I'm trying to see if I can skimp on speed for storage.
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    Only once we had a dropout using Cubase SE 1.0.7 and recording 10 simultaneous tracks. We used to record every week with no major problems.

    Don't know about logic express. I once tried to use logic express 7 and it was a nightmare...however, i just had 1 Gb RAM and no external drive.

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