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Logic users - I need help! I have a volume issue with a track.

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by ZiggyPastorius, Oct 23, 2008.

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    Basically, I'm working on mastering tracks for my upcoming album release, Something More Creative. I have a few tracks that are significantly quiter than some of the earlier tracks (all done in Logic Express), and frankly...I have no clue why. One track, which is the quietest, plays quite loudly while I'm listening within Logic, but as soon as I bounce it, the .mp3 is significantly quieter. I'd rather have the volume on the album be more uniform, so people don't have to constantly change their volume while listening. Anyways, does anyone have any idea what could be causing the bounced product to be really quiet? I suppose I can send the multi-track if it's absolutely needed. I just have no idea what could be going on...Thanks, guys.

    This is one of the .mp3s of the song in question: Here.
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    I'm assuming you don't use compressor?
    Uncheck the box labeled Normalize, then re-bounce all the other tracks.

    What I did for my record is bounced them all to AIFF and then mastered the entire record in one fell swoop, by putting them all into a new project and mixing there.
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    Interesting. Are you talking about the effect "Compress"? That was on pretty much every track in the project...not sure if that affected anything. I've never paid attention to the box that said normalize. I've unchecked it, and I'll let you know the result. What exactly does it do? When I say I'm "mastering" my album, the term is loosely used. Essentially, I'm going through and trying to make the tracks sound as good as I can on every medium (.mp3 player, nicer speakers, laptop speakers, car speakers, et cetera). I don't know anything about mixing or mastering or any of that, and am pretty much a noob at Logic. I'm curious about this mastering technique, though. What exactly do you do with all the files in AIFF in one project to "mix" it?

    Edit: Neither getting rid of "compress" in the Mixer, nor unchecking normalize changed the bounced volume.

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