Looking for iPod hack ...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by TEG, Oct 6, 2003.

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    Looking for an iPod hack that will change the battery icon to a percentage display. I saw it once, but now can't find it. I did do a search, and didn't find anything. Can anyone direct me to such a hack?


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    Re: Looking for iPod hack ...

    Google: ipod battery percentage

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    Ok this is a very newbie question, how do I show hidden folders??
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    Hidden folders on the iPod?
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    If you have a Mac
    1.Show hidden files and folders
    2.drag the file into your ipod/ipod_control/device
    sorry about the limited instructions

    If u have Windows xp
    1 Click start and goto control panel.
    2 make sure your in the Catogory view.
    3 Click appearance and themes.
    4.Click Folder options -click the view tab
    5.underneath the hidden files and folders catagory check "Show hidden files and folders".
    6.press apply.
    7.Plug in your ipod
    8.find it in windows explorer or by opening my computer and finding the drive.
    9.open the ipod drive and find the folder called ipod_control
    10.Open the folder called device
    11.Put the provided file into device
    12.safely remove your ipod and restart it.
    13.Stop showing hidden files and folders.
    your done!

    LOL this struck me as humorus. Just another reason why apples are easier to use than PC's.
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    I prefer to use Terminal and use the ls -a command, but whatever floats your boat.
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    User TinkerTool and select Show Hidden Files and Folders.. Relaunch Finder.

    I copied the file into my ipod_control/device directory... Just gives me a number in the upper corner, like 385... doesn't seem much like a percentage, unless the 3 should be a percent.. anyway, I have a 15GB iPod for reference.

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