Looking for someone to help me convert a short .bat file to AppleScript

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Grahf, Jun 26, 2009.

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    I'm not very savy in programming, but its a relatively short code so hopefully someone can help me out. Anyways:

    rename sonny-2.swf sonny-2-ver-2-2.swf
    rename sonny-2-ver-1-1.swf sonny-2.swf
    rename sonny-2.swf sonny-2-ver-1-1.swf
    rename sonny-2-ver-2-2.swf sonny-2.swf
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    Are those two different bat files? cause the 2nd code block reverses what the first one does.
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    Yes, they are. Sorry I didn't specify.
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    Instead of rename, use mv.
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    Is the period part of the code or just a period? :p
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    It's just a period. mv short for move.
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    you can find an example of what you need directy in the AppleScript's Examples Script folder in your Applications/AppleScript/Example Scripts/Finder Scripts directory.
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    I apparently missed the last word of the title on this thread. The mv command I gave is for the command line, but can be used in AppleScript as well doing like so,
    do shell script "mv old.name new.name"
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    Is that the entire code? Because if so it hardly seems worth scripting...

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