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LoopRumors - New iPod Soon

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by yzedf, Feb 14, 2003.

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    February 14, 2003

    We've been squeezing our sources for any information on new iPods. At this point, we know for certain that refreshed iPods will arrive 'very soon.' Fear not for those of you who purchased the Burton Amp jacket, made for today's iPod, the form factor will remain the same while the cost will decrease by as much as $100USD! After probing our sources for a timeline on their arrival, we learned that new iPods could arrive as early as next week. If accurate, this would continue Apple's weekly product introduction.
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    While welcome, this seems like a "duh" rumor. The only value a rumor could have on this is a) prices b) capacities. I eagerly await next Tuesday.
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    I don't think its a duh rumour, many people have been looking for a solid rumour like this one. In another thread someone was asking if the iPod revision was just pure speculation (based on toshiba web site, and the fact that the iPod is ripe for a revision). If looprumours has reliable sources then this is good news!!!!

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    Big freakin' "Duh!"

    New iPods have been generally anticipated since the 5 GB model quit shipping. Macwhispers, like a lot of people, even thought that the release was going to be this week (although Monday's Xserve release sort of ruled out anything else this week).
    The $100 price drops have already been reported, and LoopRumors failed to make any mention to the possibly doomed future of the 5 GB iPod, or the possibility of a new 40 GB model.
    So, note to LoopRumors: I don't mind when a website posts something I've already heard, as long as they include an opinion or a prediction. "Very Soon" isn't a prediction, "Next Tuesday" (Hint! Hint!), is a prediction.
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    I think this is a duh as well.

    40gig does not seem as obvious to me right now. Remember, there is also a 30gig drive.

    I see 10/20/30 for close to current pricing of 5/10/20.

    In my opinion of course ;)
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    I think Apple having a 40GB iPod will generate more sales. Not so much from people with a lot of music, but rather from those who want to back up critical files to thge iPod or use it to transport data between machines as well as being an MP3 player.

    Remember not only is the iPod the worlds smallest hardrive based MP3 player, it looks like it's the smallest firewire based hardrive as well.

    As for when it will be updated... there is also the 15" Powerbook updates to look forward to. Well, there is also the probable iBook updates, however I think the iBook will be done last. So next could be the iPods or the 15" PB.
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    March last year I bought an ipod and after 8 months the battery crapped out.
    So I called Apple and I got a replacement. No questions asked. But that new 1 only lasted for 3 months when the battery started to fail.
    Now I'm waiting for the box to ship it back to apple again. (for a 3rd ipod).
    I called them 3 times allready. They say they're "working" on it.
    The first time that my ipod failed, the box in wich you ship the ipod back to apple arrived in 1!!!!! day!.
    Looks like they can't give me a new ipod now?
    I might get upgraded?
    So...maybe this rumor is right.
    I hope so :)
    I want the 10GB anyway.
    Hell I'll even pay the difference.
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    I just got an IPOD

    So I just got a 5GB ipod deleivered to me from apple. If apple introduces price drops or something, do they have an exchange policy?

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    I really hope they update the iPod's soon. I want to get one.
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    Re: I just got an IPOD

    Not really. It depends on how long you've had it before the new models come out. Your best bet is to sell your current model on eBay for a loss, and but a new one with that money.
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    If they made a 5GB iPod and sold it for $199, they could sell it in department stores (think WalMart) and electronics stores. That would take off like wildfire.
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    iPods are already sold at Target, GoodGuys, and Dell stores.
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    Yes, I know about Target and Dell selling iPods, but that isn't enough. I have never heard of GoodGuys. Is that on the west coast?

    Anyway, I still think WalMart and Circuit City would be good places to sell through.
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    GoodGuys is kind of like Circuit City. I don't personally like WalMart. In my oppinion they are the Microsoft of the department store industry.

    I don't think it's so much a matter of Apple not selling to places like Circuit City it's more of a matter that Circuit City hasn't chosen to sell them.
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    1000 songs in your pocket for only $100 US!!!

    Looprumors is predicting that new iPods introduced next week might sell for on average for $100 less.

    Wouldn't it be great if Apple continued to sell the 5GB iPod, but for only $99 US?! Wouldn't it also be great if you could get a 10 gig iPod for just $50 more and a 20 gig iPod for just $100 more than the 5 gig?! That would be a $300 (60%) price drop on the 20 gig iPod. What a great deal that would be, eh? I can see a 30 gig at $299 and a 40 gig at $399.

    Imagine if all these iPods were both Mac and Windows compatible?

    What do ya'll think? I think this would be very :cool:. :D

    I mean, it probably won't happen, but it's just a dream. ;)

    EDIT: Who here would like to have an AM/FM radio tuner on your first/next iPod?
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    299-100 = 199 (not 99). Sorry...
  17. Wes
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    Re: 1000 songs in your pocket for only $100 US!!!

    Well, I can't see 1000 songs for $99. In the unlikely case that they do, "Say Hello the the 200 meg iPod." 2 inches thick with an old performa hard drive thrown in there.
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    I'm speaking more or less about the high-end iPods like the new 30 and 40GB models.
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    Maybe they could sell just an iPod and then you buy the amount of storage space you want by purchasing a removable HD.

    Sell the iPod for $99 and then a 5GB drive for $99, 10GB for 150, 20 GB for 200 and so on.

    That probably would never happen, but who knows.
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    Well, hey! That would at least make the iPod expandable. One word: Innovation
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    iPods missing from local Apple Store

    I went to my local Apple store this week to buy a new set of earbuds and remote and none of the iPod accessories were out. I had to have an employee get one from the back. He was gone for several minutes (not sure if he stopped to do something else on the way or had to dig it out from storage).

    The area that has been used for the iPod display for the past several months now has new iMacs. In fact, there were only two iPods on display in the whole store. A few months ago there were five or six (on the digital camera display, front window, next to several of the iMacs, etc.).
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    2 thing I want for the new iPods.

    1) Consumer repacable battery. (I could have 2 batteries and have 20hrs of music playability ;) )
    2) Better case that comes with it...The one that came with me 20gig Broke in a week :(
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    Re: I just got an IPOD

    Yes, apple does have a price gurantee policy I found it under the Apple Sales and Refunds policy on their webpage. Here's what is says for all you intersted:

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    you can pretty much do that already with a small amount of research. You just have to unclip the back of the ipod and then the hard disk is right there to access. I'm pretty sure you could upgrade it by buying a new toshiba drive right now. the question is whether the OS and firmware is on the hard disk and if it needs to be installed before the ipod will work.

    i'm waiting on monday and tuesday come on apple the misery has to stop here!!
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    No more 5 gig

    For those of you wanting a 5 gig iPod, I hate to rain on your parade, but, Toshiba has canned that drive. With the introduction of the 30 and 40 gig drives, the 5 gig drive was dropped from the line. That's why we haven't seen any restocking of the 5 gig, and that's why there won't be a 5 gig in the next revision. Sorry...

    -- smashedapart

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