Lost Internet access when I installed new router

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by CyberCrone, Feb 27, 2013.

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    I have a Mac Mini running Lion 10.7.3. I recently signed up with Suddenlink for Internet service and everything was working great with their rented modem. However, today I replaced their modem with a Motorola Surfboard, which Suddenlink activated for me, and a Netgear Wireless router. My network is working fine from my Windows 7 laptop - I connect to the Internet and I networked my wireless printer as well.

    On the Mac, System Preferences/Network shows that I AM connected to network so I know my network settings are correct. Under Network Preferences the new network is at the top of the list where it should be, but I can't get to Web using my browsers. Firewall is turned off, and I can't find any settings that appear to be wrong. I'm completely stymied, don't know where to look next.

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    So have you checked the following...

    Assuming you're using DHCP from the Netgear - does the Mini get a correct IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router address and DNS address - just like the Windows box?

    Can you ping the Netgear from the Mini?
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    The trouble is that I'm a Mini novice and don't know how to look for things on the Mac that I know how to do on the Windows machine. So, red-faced, I ask you to tell me how to find these on the Mac? So much on the Mac is easier and more obvious than on Windows, but other things seem hard to find. Either that or I'm even dumber than I thought.

    I appreciate your help!
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    OK - just go to System Preferences and then select the Network preference icon.

    Click on Advanced and walk through each tab to see what the settings are.

    You can use the Network Utility in your Utilities folder for basic network troubleshooting - like Ping, Trace Route, NetStat, etc.
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    This is tremendously helpful. Thanks! Believe it or not, as obvious as it seems I had not yet discovered the Utilities folder - I'm a brand new Mac user.
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    I think after you spend a little time with OS X, you'll find Windows a little more cumbersome when trying to do the same things.
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    I suggest investing a little money in David Pogue's excellent "The Missing Manual: Mountain Lion Edition." It will save you a lot of time and frustration getting up and running with your new Mac.

    An alternative is Pogue's "Missing Manual for Switchers: Mountain Lion Edition." It details the operational differences between Windows and OS X; it also includes most of the info in the other book I suggested. There is also info about how to transfer files, etc. from a Windows PC to a Mac.

    The Amazon Kindle edition is the least expensive option (unless you can find a lower-priced used paperback edition...) and you can read it on your Mac using the free Kindle for Mac application. It makes it handy to read when using your Mac.

    I've recommended these books to numerous Mac newbies and the feedback has been universally positive. I've been using Macs since 1995 and I always have a copy around so I can learn the new features when I upgrade the OS.
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    Great to know about these books

    Mojo1, you might not even remember posting this suggestion by now - I did not get a notification and I haven't been back for a while. But late as it is, I always want to thank people who have tried to help. I'll look into these books.
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    Nice of you to acknowledge my post even if it is belated... ;)

    I haven't been on this forum for quite some time myself.

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