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.Mac Backup Update Coming?

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 8, 2007.

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    With the new .Mac updates offered on Tuesday, it appears Apple is prepping an update to their Backup software.


    Apple's .Mac Backup page shows a screenshot from a newer version of Backup which provides some new backup options called "Essential .Mac", "Complete Archive" and "iPod Safety Net".

    iPod Safety Net appears to allow you to backup data to your iPod.

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    looks like i picked a good time to join .mac

    hope this gets released soon ;)
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    Good, but two things:

    Won't Time Machine render this useless and

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    I think you mean "complete archive"

    I can't wait for all the new dotmac stuff, I think it's totally worth the $100, but my storage still says 1GB, so I will be patient.

    edit:wow, I fixed my own spelling error, I hope no one caught it
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    They are never coming. Time to accept it.
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    If true, this is really, really exciting stuff!! I am paranoid about my backups and I would love these new features.
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    yeah, this seems silly.

    With Time Machine coming so soon, why update Backup? I'm awaiting its arrival, as Backup is a pretty bad app. Its archive based system regularly fails, and is not at all reliable to use for essential items (i.e. anything worth backing up in the first place).

    Plus, how can something like this compare to seeing your files IN SPACE!!!:p
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    I'm curious how many of you actually use this service? will it be a worthwhile investment?
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    i have had no problems with backup, it backs up every day, my major apps docs and keychains, contacts, calendar, bookmarks, email, etc to .mac and full backups once a month to my Air disk. Never had a problem. Also isn't time machine a search engine? Back up is in case of hd failure or losing you laptop
    How does time machine help with that?
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    I could be wrong, but here is my impression about the differences between Backup and Time Machine:

    Time Machine requires a second HD connected to your Mac and works a bit like a hybrid of a cloning program and search engine combined.

    Backup has the ability to archive data not only to a wired drive, but also your virtual HD on your .Mac account.

    I have heard nothing about Time Machine being able to archive to web based accounts.

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    This is different from Time Machine because you can back it up online, which is safer than backing up to an external HD.
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    Oh, i never had a single problem with the backup part of it.

    ...but good luck when you need to restore those files. 50% of my archives were corrupted and unopenable. Reeeeeally, eh, how do you say? Notsocool.
    Anyway, Time Machine is the application that backs up your files and allows you to search through them chronologically. Without the backup portion of it, you'll lose the ability to go 'back in time' per se. You'll have nothing more than .... Machine. Some people will opt to use their main disk as the destination for these backups. The rest of us will use a Firewire, SATA, or USB drive, or like you, and AirDisk. Now if you lose your laptop or have an drive failure, there remains a backup.

    And Backup does indeed provide online backups, but for those with TBs of data, online backup isn't really an option.
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    Interesting, I have not had to restore....what a nightmare.
    And thanks with the clarification on Time Machine.
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    If you have the available space, I'd double check your archives. Use backup to restore one of the files on your Airdisk... and do so before you really need them!

    ...and if they're not intact and i've managed to get you fully paranoid, SuperDuper! is a good temporary solution.
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    superduper is fantastic.
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    I find the iPod fuction to be interesting
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    I use it to backup weekly to iDisk and monthly to my HDD. Never had a serious problem, though once in a while there is an error somewhere, but that's easily correctable.

    Never had a problem restoring from a backup either, no matter if it's online on my desk, always restored successfully (touch wood).
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    DotMac Upgrade?

    While the graphic looks new all the mention in the text of the article is Backup version 3....which we have had for a while now. While being bumped to 10 gig is nice idisk has never been known for speed. At least the app "Dragster" makes it bearable. Apple made a big deal of the dashboard widgets for dotmac and made them a big selling point for both tiger and dotmac, when they never showed up dotmac users should have taken that as a sign of things to come.

    The freebies that used to come with dotmac have long ago disappeared. It seems like one person runs dotmac, may a person who is in Steves doghouse. I can see it now, "I told steve that the time machine graphic was kind of lame and now I have been transfer to dotmac." With as much as they mac dotmac a big deal each time a version of iLife is released you think Apple would have updated it by now. A decent change is years overdue.
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    What happens if your Time Machine partition gets corrupt or the drive it's on dies? *listens as various light bulbs go on*

    First rule learned as a system administrator: never trust a hard drive as your sole backup.
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    I really need to go out and get myself a data vault. I have my "stuff" backed up piecemeal over my home server that is 99% full, an external HD, and DL-DVDs. I need to just break down and get myself a 500GB external drive. Things are spendy though. :(

    More then a few people have missed the fact that TM can backup to external drives, assuming you are talking about a sep partition on the same hard drive. If you ARE talking about sep hard drives....
    Hard drives are a perfectly viable option as long as there is redundancy. Do you know the odds of two hard drives going bad at the same time? As long as you verify your data with an occasional restore an external HD solution is perfectly fine. Heck I trust hard drives a lot more then I trust tape or optical. I've lost count the number of restores I've tried on SDLT tapes that were verified. Ditto with optical disks. Even with a verification process there is the chance of data corruption. No give me a 500GB FW800 external drive locked away in a solid fire safe.
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    You give yourself a lot of credit.

    (looks up at an unlit bulb).

    What happens if your _______ partition gets corrupt or the drive it's on dies? It seems like what you're bringing up has nothing to do with Time Machine or Backup. The online vs. local storage debate isn't relevant here. And if you're referring to Backup's connection to server storage, I hate to break it to you but it too is on a hard drive, even if it's way up there in the sky.
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    honestly i feel i'm the only one not impressed with the .mac update. 10 gigs is still dismal in this growing age and is gonna get worse real fast. no iphone syncing of contacts/calanders which surprised the hell out of me, but apple thinks of stuff we never do and looks over the blantent obvious. and i don't even own an iphone but that kinda bothered me. yes the web gallery is awesome, and i will get a .mac for just that reason. but they gotta start adding features to it so it can be the "why wouldn't you get it" feature it was supposed to be
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    I was hoping for iPhone syncing as well. I'm sure we'll see it some day.
    Unless it goes the way of .mac widgets.
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    just got a message on my desktop saying that my idisk is unavailable due to a change in size...i can't wait!!!

    UPDATE: Just got my ten gigs!
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    IJ Reilly

    I've had plenty. If Backup misses a schedule, either because the Mac is off or the backup drive isn't mounted, it won't try again at the next scheduled interval, or at all. What it will do, which is even more peculiar and annoying, is pop up the next time you restart the Mac. That's just idiotic. Apple needs to fix this application.

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