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Mac Cruise

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Durandal7, Jan 13, 2002.

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    I found this in the last issue of MacWorld. It's the MacMania Alaskan cruise with guest speakers Steve Wozniack and John De Lancie (Q). Expierience breathtaking Alaskan landscapes in the day while learning UNIX,Photoshop and Project Builder in the night. Could a vacation get any better :cool: ?
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    Wow.. I don't know if I think that's really cool or shockingly sad... however, since John DeLancie did the intro movies for Compaq, I don't see where he fits in on the Mac Mania cruise. Also, $2,700 for an inside cabin on an Alaskan cruise seems to be.. well.. nutty is the nicest word that comes to mind.
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    This cruise is designed for people getting required job training, meaning that $2700 doesn't seem so bad when your company is paying for over half of it. And let's just accept that when someone endorses a product (like compaq) that doesn't mean they actually use it, it means they were payed to endorse it.
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    There's an ad in MacWorld (the magazine) about this cruise. It seems pretty nice. A whole ship full of Mac users. There are going to be sessions, and stuff like that.

    I imagine that if Bill Gates had any torpedoes, then the Mac community would be screwed :(
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    "I'm gonna eat you little fishies...Aahw!"
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    Just got

    my edition of Macworld and saw the advert, here in Switzerland... Looks cool... :cool:
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    No way!

    I do not know about you all, but if I go to cruise in Alaska I'll be thinking in getting laid, not in Photoshop.
    Now, if that is a training program... to hell! I'll be thinking in anything else.

    Is like having Sarah Michelle Gellar or Crhistina Applegate as a private Photoshop instructor.
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    I agree

    as much as I love Apple....I don't think I'd even consider spending the money to go on type of cruise to Alaska...

    would much prefer to spend that money on a plane ticket to Europe with my girlfriend! :D
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    Ensign Paris

    Just a minute

    Just a minute hol,

    are u tryin to tell me everybodys dead

    I have a mac mate who does set design for Red Dwarf, well looking forward to the DVDs!
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    tell me more!
    i'm not english but i grew up with them and want ALL of them
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    I agree. I would only go if my job paid for it. If the company paid it would be fine with me.
    Red Dwarf on DVD,any idea how many episodes per disc? I'm not even in Europe but I can't wait for the movie.
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    Ensign Paris


    Movie will be released some time near end of 2002, also Star Trek: Nemisis will also be released near then, DOH! I think RD will have my vote.

    The set designed said DVDs within a year, I HOPE he was right!

    I currently can't get my video player hooked up to my epson projector where as my DVD will. COME ON rec dwarf. There site rocks! http://www.reddwarf.com!
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    Actually. yeah. It could get better. Giselle and Laetitia Casta could be waiting for me back in my stateroom. Also a free G5 tower when I check in at the dock would make it better. I could go on, but you get the point.
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    I think I'd pass the G5 for Laetitia...
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    you're forgetting natalie

    but we're straying from the subject here
    (the word 'geek' comes to mind)
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    thinking geek....but....

    hey....I'm not the one who mentioned Laetitia... :p

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